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33 33 == What is OW2 ==
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35 35 OW2 is an independent open source community committed to making available to everyone the best and most reliable enterprise computing infrastructure software, including middleware, application platforms and [[cloud computing>>Cloud.WebHome]] technologies. The mission of the OW2 Consortium is to develop a code base of open source software and to foster a vibrant community and business ecosystem. OW2 provides dissemination and community building services to large collaborative R&D projects.
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37 37 OW2 is the Open Source Software Community for Collaborative R&D Projects. We provides community support and dissemination services to multinational open source collaborative projects. Check out the new [[datasheet>>attach:Collaborative_Projects.WebHome@Datasheet-OW2-CollabProjects-RC6low.pdf||alt="Datasheet of OW2 Collaborative Projects"]]. [[More>>Collaborative_Projects.WebHome|| title="OW2 Collaborative Projects]].
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39 39 == OW2 Projects ==