Election2011 : Corporate members

Board of Directors of the OW2, 2016

Please find hereunder the profiles of the candidates for the seats of Corporate Members representatives in the 2016 Board of Directors.

Corporate Members: List of candidates

Corporate Members are to elect 7 representatives. This year, there are 5 candidates for 7 seats, we have no need to vote. However, only those members who have fully paid their membership fees will be declared elected.

Corporate Members: Candidates Profiles


UShareSoft has built close relationships with the OW2 Community for the past 6 years now and the company is Corporate Member since January 2011. Since then, UShareSoft has been active with OW2 and OW2 partners to manage to success R&D initiatives namely OpenCloudWare and in 2015 AppHub where OW2 and few OW2 members are playing a master role.

Moving to the next phase in 2016, UShareSoft will continue to support the UForge Marketplace as part of the AppHub project, available to the OW2 community, with access to UForge Cloud AppCenter, enabling OW2 projects to package software for instant software distribution to any Virtualization or cloud platforms.

In 2014 UShareSoft also selected OW2 consortium for his opensource project hammr.io.

UShareSoft believes that users Cloud Software Factory (UForge AppCenter) and hammr, supporting Multi-OS and Multi-Cloud is critical for open source to address lock-in, cloud security, data location, software management and governance, and now global software distribution with UShareSoft and Fujitsu Marketplace initiative ongoing.

With UShareSoft and Now Fujitsu global distribution we will look in 2016 on how we could bring additional value to open source OW2 Consortium.

Applicant Bio

Alban has 25 years work experience, including Engineering, Marketing and Product Management executive with P&L responsibilities and general management experience. Successful track record on leading edge server software product lines design, innovation, and market introduction, including handful of market leading portfolio or technologies such as the worlds leading LDAP solution, Suns Directory Server Enterprise Edition (Sun DSEE), the open source project OpenDS or the Sun Java DMK Platform, including Java Management Extensions (JMX) framework.
Prior to UShareSoft CEO, Alban has been with Sun Microsystems for more than 18 years, including several years based at Suns Menlo Park campus in California. Last position at Sun Microsystems, Alban was leading Sun DSEE portfolio and P&L as well as managing Sun France Grenoble R&D Engineering Center (GEC).

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Organization Brief

UShareSoft simplifies the way IT professionals deliver software to the Cloud Computing. We make it easy for individual developers, system administrators and professionals to automate DevOps with creation and deployment of software templates and images for all the major virtualization and cloud computing formats including Vitual Box, Xen, KVM, Hyper-V, OVF, VHD, VMware, Amazon, Azure, IBM CloudBurst, Eucalyptus, Cloud.com and others environments. UForge products provides the best image Factory and Marketplace to assemble and deliver self-deployable distributed appliances or SaaS services for on-demand application delivery.


Cedric represented Talend company during the inception of OW2 and was Board member since OW2 was created.

He is now cofounder of Nanocloud Software, a new OW2 member.

Nanocloud is heavily involved in the development of Open Source actively develop a digital transformation project (Nanocloud Community).

Applicant Bio

Cedric Carbone is :
-CoFounder of Nanocloud www.nanocloud.com
-CoFounder of Influans www.influans.com
-CoFounder @HUG [Hadoop User Group] France & Paris Spark Meetup : http://hugfrance.fr/

-Former (2006-2014) Talend CTO www.talend.com
-Regular speaker (and track chair) since 2006 on several conferences in US, Europe and China including
-In US : MongoDBWorld NYC, CloudExpo/BigData Expo New York, Interop LasVegas, EDW San Jose...
-In Europe : Hadoop Summit Amsterdam, EclipseCon Europe - Germany, EclipseCon Paris, OW2Con, Solution Libres et Open Source - Paris, Open World Forum...
-In China : China Open Source week at Beijing, Programming Context at Ningxia

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Organization Brief

Nanocloud is a software vendor who turns any traditional software into a cloud solution, without changing or redeveloping existing source code. This technology targets businesses, Software vendors (ISV) and Open Source Community. It allows them to transform their legagy application assets into SaaS (Software As A Service) solutions and skyrocket it all into any public or private cloud.

What are the benefits? The acceleration of growth and the digital transformation of companies, the creation of new applications, services and business models for the entire ISV ecosystem.


Since the beginning, I've been Engineering Groups representative at OW2 BoD, in which I have always played an active role, participating in almost all board meetings as well as in many OW2 events. I continuously involve Engineering Groups people into OW2 community, also through the various activities fostered by the consortium, such as: technology council, OW2 events, meetings and discussions, participation in EC Collaborative projects. I think that the active participation in a community is a key factor for its growth and success. I'm available to continue to serve the board and the community with my knowledge and experience in the open source context.

Applicant Bio

Gabriele Ruffatti is Architectures & Processes for ICT Innovation director at Engineering Group. He is also head of the Big Data and Open Source Competency Centers, as well as Methodologies, Processes and Services Director at Engineering's Software Labs. In 2004 he founded the SpagoWorld initiative, which develops and manages some projects within OW2 and Eclipse Foundation. He is a member of the Board of Directors of OW2 Consortium since its inception and from 2013 to 2014 he was President of the Consortium. He actively participates in the Eclipse Foundation and he is member of the Open Source Initiative. He has served as organizational or program committee member for various conferences dealing with open source, software processes and big data. He has held senior management positions at Engineering Group in the fields of project and product management, software process improvement and design of innovative software architectures. He has lectured at Engineering's ICT Training School on software engineering & quality and he has been adjunct professor for open source software at the University of Padova, Italy. Supporter of various initiatives bringing innovation to research and education, he cooperates with research institutes, universities and students through workshops, presentations, internships and degree thesis support.

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Engineering Group

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XWiki SAS is a French company started in 2004 by myself to build an Open Source Business on top of XWiki, the Advanced Wiki engine created by XWiki. XWiki is one of the top downloads on the OW2 forge with close to 1000 downloads per day. XWiki is used by major companies around the world including AFP, Air France, Lagardere, EADS, Chronopost, Carrefour, EMC, Curriki as well as Open Source projects like SpagoBI or OW2 itself, which is using XWiki for its websites.

We also collaborate regularly with OW2 members and OW2 itself in research project funded by France or by the European Community.

Applicant Bio

I'm XWiki CEO. I hold a degree of the Ecole Polytechnique and
Telecom Paris. I was previously CTO from 1998 to 2003 at NetValue and Internet Measurement company which was acquired in 2002 by Nielsen NetRatings and previously Consultant on Internet Technologies at Netscape Communications Corp. when it established its operations in Europe in 1996.

I am the creator of XWiki the software on which XWiki SAS business is build.

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Organization Brief

XWIKI SAS is an innovator in the Social space, first by being the first company to build a business on top of an Open Source Wiki, second by proposing the most advanced Wiki platform on the market. Wikis are an important Web 2.0 trend which are popularized by the WikiPedia encyclopedia and lead to Social Content Organization.
In business since 2004, XWIKI SAS is already working with more than 100 clients in Europe and in the USA. The XWiki software is used by many important companies as well as Small


My main objectives for this year is to: work with OW2 members and with the European Commission to position OW2 as the centre of Open Source Governance competence in Europe and the adviser of the European Commission on its Open Source strategy and help OW2 to engage new young individual members and SMEs.

Applicant Bio

Dr. Yury Glikman is a head of the Open Service Engineering group at Fraunhofer FOKUS. His technical and research background covers model driven software engineering, design, prototyping and testing of distributed systems. Yury was/is actively contributing and was leading technical activities in numerous international (TT-Medal, VISP, SWEB, QualiPSo, ALADDIN, ENGAGE, iCity) and national research projects (KING, TWIN), and in research projects in collaboration with Japanese industry (Hitachi, NTT Data). Yury was the coordinator of the OCEAN project, which aimed to foster the emergence of a sustainable open source cloud ecosystem in Europe, by generating greater efficiency among collaborative research projects on open source cloud computing. Yury is coordinating the FP7 Policy Compass project developing an open source platform for evaluation of policy impacts on the basis of the Open Data. Apart from that, Yury is leader of the Fraunhofer team implementing the core part of the official European Data portal for the European Union.

Organization Name

Fraunhofer FOKUS

Organization Brief

Fraunhofer is the largest organization for applied research in Europe (24 000 employees) with 66 Institutes and research units. Fraunhofer FOKUS is established 1988 in Berlin. 450 employees from 24 nations, FOKUS stands for IP Telephony (Invention of SIP), Future Internet and Autonomic Communication, Web/Telco Convergence, I-Centric Communication, IoT, Smart Cities, E-Government, Interoperability, OPEN DATA, Cloud Computing, Testbeds / FOKUS-Labs: prove of concepts, Test Automation: Invention of TTCN-3, BerliOS.