uGASP v1.0.0 launched

Sep 14 2011

OW2 GASP project's team releases uGASP v1.0.0 middleware dedicated to multiplayer ubiquitous games (MUGs). uGASP is an OSGi component oriented middleware based on iPOJO OSGi bundles dynamic management layer. MUGs are often named as Augmented-Reality, Pervasive or Mixed-Reality games. That kind of games superposes a virtual world on top of real world. This mix enables the players to interact at both real and virtual layers. For example a player can move around the real world, and his location can be retrieved by the game system thanks to GPS (dynamic location) or RFID tags deployment over the game zone (sporadic location). We have created a MUG named SoundPark in collaboration with McGill University of Montreal, Canada QC. It is based on our middleware and uses our MooDS mobile optimized communication protocol. You can see a SoundPark demonstration video on the GASP project website: