Sep 14 2011

The eXo JCR team and the eXo ECM team are pleased to announce the launch of eXo JCR 1.5 and eXo Enterprise Content Management (ECM) 1.2.

A) Features in eXo JCR 1.5 (direct move from JCR 1.1 to 1.5 due to the huge improvements of the new version):

  • Significant performance increasing (up to 10 times for some operations) which makes it faster than the Reference Implementation by a 20% factor
  • Microsoft Office Plugin to locally edit files stored on the JCR server and compare versions - http://www.exoplatform.com/cms-content/rss/company/production/site/office-plugin.html)
  • Audit mechanism to follow all the actions done on a dedicated document
  • Automated Metadata extraction to get PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint properties from the binary and add them as Dublin Core to the document inserted in the JCR
  • Kofax Release script to inject scanned documents and OCRed ones (http://download.forge.objectweb.org/exoplatform/ascent_capture_release_script_demo.htm)
  • Advanced Clustering with two options, the "persistent" one that replicate the content completely and the "proxy" one that only replicate the cache and index (to be used with a shared database)
  • Enhanced WebDav support including full DeltaV, DASL and ordering
  • New C# WebDav client used in the MS Office Plugin and the Kofax one
  • A JCR FTP server layer tested with extremely large files (videos of 6GB)
  • A JCR RMI framework completely re-factored to pass 100% of the TCK tests on RMI

B) Features in ECM 1.2 targeting web 2.0 collaboration features

  • based on eXo JCR 1.5
  • Records Management with the DOD 5015.2 implementation
  • Support for schedule actions bound to documents or folders
  • Tagging support (aka Folksonomy to extend the already existing Taxonomy mechanism)
  • Comment enable on documents
  • Multi-language support (comments are also language specific)
  • Voting support
  • Notification support to get an email when documents are modified
  • Ticket concept: it allows to share documents with others for a period of time and limited number of downolads
  • Re-factored Search interface to allow simple search composition among metadata with OR/AND booleans
  • Release of a sample based on www.exoplatform.com site and content management process

Site: www.exoplatform.com Download at: http://forge.objectweb.org/projects/exoplatform Documentation: http://docs.exoplatform.org