Sep 14 2011

Scarbo Modeler is now distributed as an Eclipse RCP application with major improvements in usability!


Scarbo Modeler 1.1 has been released. Its codename is "The Critical Coypu" (don't ask why, we don't know...)

Scarbo Modeler is a process designer that allows you to create workflows that call webservices, execute Groovy scripts, send mails… and then to generate an XPDL-compliant process to be executed in Scarbo Runtime (Bonita 4.1 + extensions).

It is built on top of the Eclipse Java Workflow Tooling project, and is distributed as a standalone Eclipse RCP application.

Once downloaded, you can follow the tutorial and get a SOA-able process working on Bonita is less than 5 minutes!

More details at, and feel free to use Scarbo forum for any question.

Thanks for reading, The Scarbo Team.