ProActive Parallel Suite 4.2.0 Released

Sep 14 2011

ProActive 4.2.0, Open Source Java Grid & Cloud Framework, released

ActiveEon engineers and OASIS research team are very pleased to share with you ProActive Parallel Suite® 4.2. This new version is released after a lot of tests and improvements increasing the stability of the Technological Preview version issued few weeks ago.

Community Edition can be downloaded at

Enterprise Edition can be downloaded at

ProActive Parallel Suite provides:

  • ProActive Scheduling: A configurable and powerful job scheduler that helps you to benefit from a higher computing power without having to invest in new hardware resources. It runs everywhere, effectively leverages heterogeneous non dedicated hardware and can be set up and used by everyone.
  • ProActive Resourcing: An open source intelligent and adaptive application deployment engine to virtualize the hardware resources, monitor and control all computing resources. Resources management gets easier and highly configurable.
  • ProActive Programming: A unique and easy to use library for parallel and distributed programming that makes accelerated and powerful applications within everyone's reach. Thanks to a comprehensive set of efficient base structured patterns everyone can quickly build a parallel application!

Major improvements in ProActive Parallel Suite 4.2 are a powerful run time annotation, an easier remote debugging, Web Service exposition (Axis 2 and CXF), support of Virtual Machines (VMware ESX/ESXi/Server, Citrix XenServer, XenOSS, MS Hyper-V, Sun Virtualbox, KVM, Qemu, LXC, OpenVZ), and Cloud support with Amazon EC2.

Find more on ProActive new features here: