Petals ESB 3.0 released

Sep 14 2011

Petals ESB 3.0 Camelia edition, has just been released.

It includes a lot of improvements for users, as well as optimisations, and nice new features :

  • Dynamic configuration, and hot-deployment of new nodes
  • Redesigned webconsole for administration, and deleted statistics monitoring
  • SCA suppor: SCA engine (FraSCAti), and SCA designer (Eclipse)
  • BPEL suppor: BPEL engine, and BPEL designer (Eclipse), with validation
  • Database: JDBC Support (XQuare successor)
  • WS Notification and WS-BorkeredNotification support (EDA)
  • Integration with new Petals Camelia softwares :

o Petals Studio: Complete Eclipse development environement, for Petals ESB o Petals Master: SOA Governance o Petals View: Business flow monitoring, based on EDA

We gave this release a name : Camelia. That is a some nice pleasure, but also a handy way to see compatibility of different Petals software, adding to Petals ESB : Studio, Master, View.