Sep 14 2011

PEtALS is now delivered as separated packages. The platform, JBI components, demonstrators and tools are now released independently.

The global PEtALS package is now called PEtALS Service Pack and gathered all elements in their own version.

The MessageExchanges delivering mode has been improved and corrects a fault in the persistance of pending messages. The NormalizedMessageRouter features new routing rules : a message is firstly addressed to local a ServiceEndpoint, secondly to a distant ServiceEndpoint, and finally to a ServiceEndpoint hosted on a stopped container. The path of the repository where components and service assemblies are stored can be set. The PEtALS platform is also available as a Web Application and can be deployed on standard WebServer or J2EE Server. The petals-webadmin monitoring console features graphics that show instant message-traffic in a container. Bugs in Ant tasks have been corrected.

* Component Development Kit : Each PEtALS component is built on a configurable thread-pool. It allows to tune each ServiceEngines or

BindingComponents to fit your usage. see the CDK section of the PEtALS wiki

Axis2BC : the SOAP BC now supports attachments for incoming and outgoing SOAP messages.

Forward : an EnterpriseIntegrationPattern Component to chain service calls.
Planned works

* The transport layer will provide both a JMS transporter and an RMI

transporter (faster but less reliability) based on DREAM (OW2 project). Eclipse-based tools to create components, PEtALS network administration,… PEtALS-network deployment, allowing to deploy servers on a network and install components and service-assemblies on them.

* other functionalities to come?