Sep 14 2011

We are pleased to announced yet again a new version of Orchestra. Orchestra 4.0.11 is a new step forward for the only fully Open Source Orchestration solution.

Beside the usual consolidation of the solution , this version provides the first OSGi packaging of an Orchestration Solution. As you probably know OSGi is now adopted by all major software vendors as the base technology for SOA platforms. But no Orchestration solution had already done the step on this direction. Again Orchestra is a step ahead of everybody and provides you a real OSGi packaging. Try out the Orchestra-Felix package to find out more. And stay tuned for the next versions of Orchestra that will provide native integration with other OSGi compatible softwares (JOnAS, Camel, etc...) to be the central element of your SOA infrastructure.

Download this new version on OW2 forge : http://forge.ow2.org/project/showfiles.php?group_id=266&release_id=3306