Sep 14 2011


A new EasyBeans version is out and is available in the Downloads section.

Download the Release Candidate 1 Now !

EasyBeans can be embedded in JOnAS, Apache Tomcat application server, Jetty application server and is also provided as OSGi Bundles.
It is working with Hibernate, OpenJPA and TopLink Essentials JPA persistence providers.

EasyBeans is now bundled with either Hibernate Entity Manager or Apache OpenJPA as persistence provider.

Here are the guides:
    Getting started with JOnAS 4.x (tested with 4.7.8 and 4.8.6)
    Getting started with Tomcat 5.5.x and 6.0.x (tested with 5.5.25 and 6.0.14)
    Getting started with Jetty 6.1.x (tested with 6.1.5)
    Getting started with the EasyBeans OSGi bundles

EasyBeans is also working in standalone mode.

The documentation is available in the EasyBeans documentation website. (HTML or PDF)

New features

The Release Candidate 1 release is now bundled with two different persistence providers (two packages).
  • Hibernate EntityManager
  • Apache OpenJPA
A mail component has been added and can be used for sending mails from EJB components.
JSR77 MBeans have been enhanced.
There is also a bunch of fix/new features in this version. (http://jira.easybeans.org/secure/IssueNavigator.jspa?reset=true&pid=10000&fixfor=10030)

EasyBeans is now using Apache Maven 2 for its build. (Examples are still using ant tool which may be more widespread than maven)
The repository of the artifacts is available at http://maven.objectweb.org/maven2/
(The parent component is located at http://maven.objectweb.org/maven2/org/ow2/easybeans/easybeans/1.0.0.RC1/easybeans-1.0.0.RC1.pom)

With the great work of David Alves from http://www.criticalsoftware.com, the OSGi bundles of EasyBeans can be configured by using an existing EasyBeans configuration file. The property to use is -Dorg.ow2.easybeans.osgi.conf.dir=path_to_easybeans.xml_file.

The EasyBeans bundles are built by using Maven 2 tool. (And using maven-bundle-plugin). http://maven.objectweb.org/maven2/org/ow2/easybeans/osgi/easybeans-osgi/1.0.0.RC1/
These OSGi bundles are requiring OSGi Configuration Admin service (for example org.apache.felix.cm bundle), OSGi Declarative Services (org.apache.felix.scr bundle) and a log service (like org.apache.felix.log bundle). Note: These bundles are provided in the EasyBeans OSGi assembly.
Check the Getting started with the EasyBeans OSGi bundles


ObjectWeb and Orientware have merged into OW2 consortium: http://www.ow2.org/
Thus, the packages used by EasyBeans have been moved from org.objectweb.* to org.ow2.*
If some of the existing code was extending some classes of EasyBeans, the imports have to be updated.
Also, the XML configuration file of EasyBeans needs to use <easybeans xmlns="http://org.ow2.easybeans.server"> for its namespace (objectweb is no longer present).

Mailing list

Stay tuned on EasyBeans with the easybeans-announce at ow2 dot org mailing list : http://www.ow2.org/wws/subrequest/easybeans-announce


This version embeds the Hibernate EntityManager 3.3.1GA version or Apache OpenJPA 1.0.0. Tests have been done with Oracle Toplink Essentials (v2build58) as persistence provider (The persistence.xml file should use in this case the oracle.toplink.essentials.PersistenceProvider value for the <provider> element.)

Release Notes:

  • (EZB-162)
    • NoClassDefFoundError when using an EjbJar that uses a class provided
    in a RAR
  • (EZB-164)
    • @RolesAllowed annotation not fully taken into account when set at the
    Class level
  • (EZB-166)
    • Error on persistence XML with extra whitespaces
  • (EZB-172)
    • Error during JRMP connection establishment when IIOP set as RMI
  • (EZB-173)
    • Resources defined in context.xml are inaccessible
  • (EZB-183)
    • NPE may happen on shutdown on JORAM component when there is a RMI
    local call optimization
  • (EZB-198)
    • NPE thrown on container shutdown
  • (EZB-163)
    • Unable for an EJB3 to extend a class that is not is the same jar
  • (EZB-165)
    • A client can not access to different remote JNDI contexts
  • (EZB-167)
    • Allow to set value from XML element and not only XML attributes
  • (EZB-169)
    • Allow to specify the getter and setter when automatic guess can't
    work on list
  • (EZB-175)
    • Add url attribute in JSR77 EJBModule MBean and make shorter the
    ObjectName key 'name'
  • (EZB-177)
    • ObjectName of EJB JSR77 MBeans should contain J2EEApplication and
  • (EZB-180)
    • Assemblies should use GNU tar instead of printing warnings with "100
    characters long"
  • (EZB-194)
    • detectNewArchives improvement
  • (EZB-47) - Support for container-transaction attribute in the deployment descriptor.
  • (EZB-54) - Support for EJBContext resource with @Resource annotation.
  • (EZB-55) - Support for the element "resource-ref" & "message-destination-ref" in Deployment Descriptors.
  • (EZB-91) - Support for security management elements in the deployment descriptor.
  • (EZB-160)
    • Maven2 packaging
  • (EZB-161)
    • Move EasyBeans package to org.ow2.easybeans
  • (EZB-168)
    • Support of multiple persistence.xml file across different modules of
    the same EAR
  • (EZB-170)
    • Add a mail component for allowing to send mails
  • (EZB-174)
    • Testing/Integrating OpenJPA 1.0.0
  • (EZB-178)
    • Update Integration tests by using Tomcat 6.0.14 (ant not 6.0.13)
  • (EZB-181)
    • Tests with Oracle Toplink Essentials 2.0build58g
  • (EZB-182)
    • Upgrade to Hibernate 3.2.5.ga
  • (EZB-184)
    • Migrate EasyBeans/OSGi subproject from ant to maven
  • (EZB-189)
    • Update OSGi configuration files for the new changes
  • (EZB-192)
    • Use for the logger an OSGi logging service
  • (EZB-195)
    • Automatic tests for EasyBeans/OSGi
  • (EZB-185)
    • Remove build.xml of the project as it should use maven
  • (EZB-186)
    • Provide client maven module
  • (EZB-190)
    • Update configuration file for Apache Felix
  • (EZB-191)
    • Update configuration file for Eclipse Equinox