OW2 Annual Conference Speakers

Florent Benoit

Florent Benoit is leading the development of the OW2 EasyBeans EJB3 container and is one of the key developers of OW2 JOnAS Java EE application server. Florent is an expert in Java EE, and has developed critical JOnAS components. He received a master of Computer Science from the University of Grenoble (France). Florent is a member of the EJB 3.1 and Java EE 6 expert group and is a speaker at some european java conferences.

Jérôme Bernard

Jérôme Bernard has over eight years experience developing distributed applications applied to a wide range of applications from banking to insurances as well as distributed applications using Jini. He is a committer on many OSS projects like Elastic Grid, Rio, Typica and JiBX. He is currently working on Elastic Grid, an OSS project which focuses on the productivity of developers and organizations that use Java enterprise applications, enabling them to easily deploy, manage and scale applications running on virtualized compute assets, whether that be across public or private clouds, like Amazon EC2.

Alain Boulze

Alain Boulze currently serves as Team and Project Coordinator at the French National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control. He is coordinating and contributing to multi party projects and initiatives in the field of Open Source ESB and SOA (French research projects JOnES, SCOrWare, SemEUsE and European research project NESSI SOA4ALL). He leads an INRIA technological development action, so-called "galaxy", which aims at integrating software bricks developed by various INRIA research teams into an integrated SOA platform, and is member of the PMC of the top level Eclipse STP (SOA Tooling Platform) project. He has spent over 20 years of experience in the software industry, IT and managed numerous projects in international industry environments such as STMicroelectronics, Pechiney (now Alcan), Hewlett Packard, Air Liquide.

Gaël Blondelle

Gaël Blondelle is founder and CTO of EBM WebSourcing. Gaël is also Chairman of the OW2 Technology Council. Gaël is the founder of PETALS, the open source JBI compliant ESB by OW2.

Nicolás Caballero

Director of ICT Policy - Network administrator Presidencia de la República del Paraguay

Denis Caromel

Denis Caromel is founder and scientific adviser to ActiveEon. Denis Caromel is also full professor at University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis and CNRS-INRIA. His research interests include parallel, concurrent, and distributed object-oriented programming. Denis Caromel gave many invited talks on Object, Parallel and Distributed Computing around the world (Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Berkeley, Stanford, ISI, USC, Electrotechnical Laboratory Tsukuba, Sydney, Oracle-BEA EMEA, Digital System Research Center in Palo Alto, NASA Langley, IBM Tom Watson and Zurich). He acted as keynote speaker at several major conferences (including MDM, DAPSYS 2008, CGW'08). Recently, fall 2008, he gave two important invited talks at Sun Microsystems HPC Consortium (Austin, Tx), and at Devoxx 2008 (the European premier forum for Java technology, gathering about 3500 persons).

Cédric Carbone

Cédric Carbone is Talend's Chief Technical Officer. Prior to joining Talend in 2006, he managed the Java practice at Neurones, a leading systems integrator in France. Cédric has also lectured at several universities on technical topics such as XML or Web Services. He holds a Master's degree in Computer Science and an Advanced Degree in Document Engineering

Davide Dalle Carbonare

Davide is Spago4Q architect (www.spago4q.org). He is also involved in the design and development of enterprise portals projects with a focus on content and document management systems integration. He is actually working on several others activities like: quality monitoring of software processes and products; software selection; collaborative methodologies for project management, software development infrastructures integrating open source tools; project automation; performance test.

Roberto Chinnici (Keynote speaker)

Roberto Chinnici is a senior staff engineer at Sun Microsystems, Inc. where he works on the JavaTM Platform, Enterprise Edition, with particular focus on Web Services and Ease of Development. He is the specification lead for the JAX-RPC 1.1 and JAX-WS 2.0 technologies and an active participant in W3C and WS-I working groups.

Stéphane Drapeau

Stéphane Drapeau is R&D engineer at Obeo Company. He works on the SCOrWare project (funded by the French National Research Agency), which aims to provide a free software implementation of the SCA specifications through the component-based world of OW2. He leads the work package on tools to assist the design and development of applications conforming to the SCA specifications. He leads also the SCA Tools project of the Eclipse STP top level project. Vincent Zurczak works as an R&D Engineer for the company EBM WebSourcing, where he develops Eclipse-based tooling for the OW2 ESB PEtALS. He is also a committer on the Eclipse top-level project SOA Tools Platform. He works in particular on the SCA project of STP, which aims at providing tools for the Service Component Architecture specification.

Ludovic Dubost

After graduating from the French Polytechnic School (X90) and Telecom Paris, Ludovic started his career as a software architect at Netscape Communications Europe, moving on to a position as CTO of one of the first French startups to launch an IPO on the Paris stock-exchange, NetValue. After NetValue was purchased by Nielsen//NetRatings, Ludovic moved on to launch XWiki in November of 2003.

Marc Dutoo

Since 2006, Marc Dutoo heads the Information System Integration R&D department at Open Wide on fields such as SOA, BPM and ECM. He co-leads the Eclipse Java Workflow Tooling (JWT) project and has contributed to or worked on numerous OW2 projects like the Frascati service platform, the OW2 PEtALS ESB and the OW2 Bonita BPM solution.

Mohammed El Jai

Mohammed El Jai is R&D engineer at EBM WebSourcing company. He works on the SCOrWare project (funded by the French National Research Agency), which aims at providing a free software implementation of the SCA specifications through the component-based world of OW2. Mohammed works on both SCA and PEtALS, and is in charge of the SCA component of PEtALS which integrates FraSCATi. Vincent Zurczak works as an R&D Engineer for the company EBM WebSourcing, where he develops Eclipse-based tooling for the OW2 ESB PEtALS. He is also a committer on the Eclipse top-level project SOA Tools Platform. He works in particular on the SCA project of STP, which aims at providing tools for the Service Component Architecture specification.

Olivier Fabre

Olivier Fabre is Research Engineer at EBM WebSourcing. Olivier is the leader of OW2 Dragon SOA Governance Platform. He is also committer of OW2 projects Easy WSDL Toolbox and PEtALS ESB.

Tugdual Grall

Tugdual Grall is responsible of the product strategy within eXo Platform. eXo Platform provides open-source collaborative solution based on JavaEE and many associated standard (JSR-286, JSR-170, Open Social, ...). Tugdual has joined eXo Platform in June 2008. His current areas of focus are Enterprise 2.0 Portals, including ECM, Enterprise Social Networking, and IT Architecture. Before working for eXo Platform, he was principal product manager for J2EE and web services on Oracle Fusion Middleware. Tugdual joined Oracle in January 1999 initially with Oracle France in consulting, and since April 2002, he has worked with Oracle Application Server product management. His areas of focus include J2EE and web services with Oracle Containers for J2EE (OC4J). Tugdual has gained extensive development and project management experience with the Oracle development tools and the underlying architecture, working on a number of internet application development projects. Tugdual has been speaker in various conferences, and maintains an active blog at http://blog.grallandco.com

Xavier Guimard

Xavier Guimard is the leader of the LemonLDAP::NG project, started in 2004 as a complete rewrite of Lemonldap.

Benoit Hericher

Benoit Hericher has been working for 20 years in the IT Department of Ministry of Interiors. After beeing involved in OLTP applications developments first as developer and then as project leader, he has been responsible for methods and quality. Since one year, he his responsible of management of technology watch in the Direction of Information System and Communication.

Alexandre Lefebvre

Alexandre Lefebvre has been working at France Telecom Orange Labs R&D for nearly 10 years now. His technical background is in deductive databases, and more generally persistance. He is now leading a team of researchers and developers in the middleware and software engineering field, working hand in hand with France Telecom's Information Technology division. He has been involved in OW2 from its infancy, and is currently CTO of the OW2 consortium.

Julien Legrand

Julien is software engineer at Bull. He worked during 2 years at INRIA, on middleware management and autonomic computing. Currently, he co-leads the JASMINe project, a tool dedicated to SOA platform management. Mickaël is software engineer at Serli. He collaborated with JOnAS team on development of the deployment plans feature. Currently, Mickaël works on migration of business applications to GWT.

Mickaël Leduque

Mickaël Leduque is software engineer at Serli. He collaborated with JOnAS team on development of the deployment plans feature. Currently, Mickaël works on migration of business applications to GWT.

Tchuta Leonard

Tchuta Leonard, born 15th April 1979, is originally from Cameroon. He holds a Bachelor of Information Engineering and a Master of Computer Science from Shanghai East China University of Science and Technology. He has more than three years experience in developing and integrating applications using SOA and related technology. He is IBM certified for Service Oriented Architecture. He is a frequent public speaker and was awarded a third for a VoIP paper delivered at the world engineers convenction project show, 2004 Shanghai.

Jean Leroux

Jean Leroux est DSI du Groupe Aelia (filiale du groupe Lagardère) depuis 2002, l'un des spécialistes du commerce aux voyageurs. Auparavant il a été Chef de Projet chez Procter & Gamble pendant huit ans et chez Chanel durant deux années. Jean Leroux enseigne également, en qualité de Chargé d'études, à l'Université Paris I Panthéon - Sorbonne au sein de l'IAE, Institut d'Administration des Entreprises. Il préside par ailleurs depuis fin 2007 le club des Utilisateurs de SAP Francophones (USF).

Yukihiro Matsumoto (Keynote speaker)

Yukihiro "Matz" Matsumoto is a programmer, an Japanese open-source evangelist, and the creator of recently popular Ruby language. He started development of Ruby in 1993, so it's actually as old as Java. Now he works for Network Applied Communication Laboratory Inc. (NaCl, also know as netlab.jp) which has sponsored Ruby development since 1997.He also serves as a chairman at Ruby Association, non-profit organization for supporting Ruby. Since his real name is too long to remember and is difficult for non-Japanese speakers to pronounce right, he uses the nickname Matz on the Net.

Pierre-Eric Menuet

After several years as consultant in integration, business intelligence and identity management projects, Pierre-Eric MENUET heads system integration service at Eurofins Group.

Philippe Merle

Philippe Merle is a researcher at INRIA, Lille, France, and member of the INRIA ADAM project-team. His main current research interests are on component-based software engineering, service-oriented computing, deployment and middleware frameworks. He is leading the French SCOrWare project, which defines an open source SOA/SCA compliant platform.

Christophe Ney

Christophe Ney has over twenty years of experience in software engineering, information and communication technologies. After graduating at University of Paris-Sud Orsay (Paris XI) and subsequently at Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Techniques Avancées (ENSTA), he has designed, architected and developed complex software in domains such as CAD, Middleware, WEB, Knowledge-management and e-Business. Involved in cooperative projects and open source initiatives since 1998, he has been leading multiple projects and teams in multicultural and geographically distributed environments. Project Director from 2003 to 2006 at INRIA, the French National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control, he has been in charge of ObjectWeb, an international consortium for sustainable industry cooperation on middleware with open source. Recently Involved in several Web2.0 startup businesses, Christophe Ney is also offering professional expertise and consulting services to businesses and organisations of the IT sector. A detailed biography is available at http://christophe.batisseurs.com/en

Benjamin Paillereau

Benjamin Paillereau is a French computer science engineer. Before joining eXo in november 2008, Benjamin has worked with eXo during 2 years as a partner, and during 9 years in a Software Engineering Company in an Open Source division as JavaEE and CMS Project Manager on various projects. He worked mainly for media accounts (M6, TF1), bank accounts (Société Générale, Crédit Agricole) or business accounts for CMS or BI development (Vivendi, Le Monde). He is now the WCM Product Manager in eXo.

Benoit Pelletier

Benoit Pelletier is a software engineer for BULL. He obtained his degree in computer science from INSA Rennes in France. During 7 years, he worked in several large projects at BULL Service as developper and then as designer. His expertise is mainly focused in the area of technologies for distributed systems. Nowadays, he has joined the JOnAS team at BULL R&D France where he is involved in the clustering and administration features.

Stéphane Ribas

Mr Ribas has spent 12 years in the software industry, mostly in the area of services. He has been involved in several important projects as a technical consultant. He has also been working in the HP OSS division where he developed strong skills in building & fostering Internet communities. He joined INRIA in 2008 to contribute to the OW2 Europe Local Chapter & the OW2 TC.

Gabriele Ruffatti

Gabriele is director of Architectures & Consulting at Engineering Ingegneria Informatica, Italy. With over 27 years of experience in IT field, he held senior management positions at the holding company of Engineering Group, an IT global player and Italy's largest operator in the IT services market. Active in project and product management activities, software process improvement & quality assurance, and in the architectural solutions definition, he contributed to the development of the corporate quality system and to the achievement of ISO 9001:2000 and CMMI certifications. He launched the open source SpagoWord Initiative of Engineering (www.spagoworld.org), in 2004. Gabriele coordinates open source related activities at Engineering and is currently member of the SpagoWorld Executive Board and of the OW2 Consortium Board (www.ow2.org). Ruffatti has been Adjunct Professor for open source at the Department of Mathematics, Computer Science Master Degree, University of Padua, Italy from 2006 to 2008.

Elizier Santos

Elizier Santos is graduated in Industrial Automation Engineer by the Federal Center of Tecnology and post-graduated in Distributed Applications by Fluninense Federal University. Diego Ribeiro is graduated in Computer Sciency and post-graduated in System Quality Architecture Federal University of Pernambuco. Both of then are architects in large Serpro projects like Siafi, Brazilan Passaport, Macroprocess Tax, Income Tax Application and Demoiselle Framework.

Stefano Scamuzzo

Stefano Scamuzzo has been working in IT field since 1989. Initially involved in European research projects on hypertext technology, he then undertook the technical management of complex projects in several technological areas such as document and workflow applications, web based applications, enterprise portals and business intelligence applications. He is presently Senior Technical Manager in the Research and Innovation Division of Engineering Ingegneria Informatica and member of the SpagoWorld Executive Board, mastering the domains of Service Oriented Architecture and Business Intelligence with a particular focus on open source solutions. He teaches training courses on Service Oriented Architecture at the Engineering Group ICT Training School in Italy.

Stéphane Traumat

Stéphane Traumat is a speaker, trainer, author and consultant based in Angoulême (France) where he is CEO of Scub, a software development and consulting firm. Focused on a pragmatic and results-based approach, he is a proponent for java and open source, as well as process and quality improvements through agile development techniques. Stéphane is the author of the book "JOnAS 4.X Live" and other on-line publications. He is a committer on the JOnAS and JUnitScenario projects, member of the Objectweb community and speaks at conferences in France and abroad.

Julien Viet

Julien Viet is leading the development and product management of eXo Portal, WebOS and JCR. Before joining eXo Platform in July 2008 Julien, has founded and lead project lead of the open source project JBoss Portal since 2004. Julien represented eXo Platform on the expert group of the JSR 286 Portlet 2.0 specification and member of the JSR-283: Content Repository for Java Technology API 2.0 specification, and the JSR-301: Portlet Bridge Specification for JavaServer Faces