SESSION 4 - Advances in Open Source Java EE

SESSION 4 - Advances in Open Source Java EE

Schedule : April 2, 09:00 - 10:30
Session chair: Alexandre Lefebvre, France Telecom.

Note : the slides (PDF) of the presentation given are available on the Program page

1) EasyBeans and Java EE 6 web profile
Speaker : Florent Benoit, Bull
Schedule : April 2, 09:00 - 09:30
Abstract : EJB 3.1 is part of the Java EE 6 specification. It introduces new features like asynchronous calls or singletons beans and more. Java EE 6 will propose several profiles including the Web profile. The presentation will show that EasyBeans on Tomcat/Jetty or JOnAS is making available Java EE 6 web profile in an easy way.

2) The JOnAS OW2 Java EE Framework: mission critical and ambient computing applications support
Speaker : Benoit Pelletier, Bull
Schedule : April 2, 09:30 - 10:00
Abstract : This talk presents the JOnAS application server framework features regarding non-stop and self-healing capabilities for mission critical applications and ambient computing. Built with a fully OSGi-based, distributed and scalable architecture, the JOnAS platform delivers automated reconfiguration and management, and supports emerging application domains such as M2M, Home Automation and RFID.

3) How to deal with complex deployments on JavaEE distributed platform ?
Speakers : Julien Legrand, Bull and Mickaël Leduque, Serli
Schedule : April 2, 10:00 - 10:30
Abstract : The talk shows how the OW2 solutions make distributed deployment of JavaEETM solutions easy for the operator, through: • the JASMINe design tool that enables to build and deploy a distributed middleware configuration • the JOnAS 5 deployment plan feature and the support for Maven/OBR, cluster environment and hot redeploy. • the JOnAS 5 incremental services delivery.