fOSSa Conference, Grenoble, France


Aug 25 2009


fOSSa Conference - Free and Open Source Software Academic Conference

Date: November 17-18, 2009
Venue: World Trade Center, Grenoble, France
Practical information, detailed program and registration: here Presentations: here

Conference overview:
The "fOSSa" conference (Free/Open Source Software Academics) is co-organised by INRIA and OW2 Europe Local Chapter. It will review Open Source fundamentals and will present innovating Open Source project as well as communities experiences. fOSSa is the first international Open Source Conference event located in Grenoble! The fOSSa audience mainly focuses on academia and research centres but does not close the door to industrials as in many cases academia needs industrials and vice versa: we believe that Open Source model can improve such kind of collaboration in a much more natural way.

DAY 1 is focusing on the Open Source model basics:

  1. OSS and Benefits for Academic projects
  2. OSS and Innovation for Academic projects
  3. OSS and Business Models for Academic projects
  4. OSS and the Law for Academic projects
  5. OSS and Communities for Academic projects download presentation
  6. OSS and European Commission fo Academic projects
  7. OSS and Market Needs for Academic projects

DAY 2, practical session including with real life examples of the OSS fundamentals, will address: 

  1. OSS and Collaboration for Academic projects
  2. OSS and Promotion for Academic projects
  3. OSS and Governance for Academic projects
  4. OSS and Quality for Academic projects
  5. OSS and the Law for Academic projects

Day 2, 10-10-10 presentation

In parallel, OW2 academic projects will be presented in a 10-10-10 formula style1. PLUMES/FEATHER community will present scientific Open Source academic projects, and sessions will be booked for Open Source Start-up's presentation.

(1) 10 minutes presentation -10 minutes demo -10 minutes questions/answers.


Apache, Eclipse, Engineering, HP Fossology, INRIA, Mandriva, OW2, Sun Microsystem, University Paris VII, University of Milano...