Trustie Conference


Jun 22 2010

Date: June 12, 2010.
Location: Beijing, China.

The Trustie "National trustworthy resource sharing and collaboration software production environment" project organized on June 12, 2010 an event presenting major project results and milestones.

About the participants to the June 12 conference:
  • The officer from the Ministry of Science and Technology
  • The officer from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology
  • The officer from the Ministry of Education
  • IT experts including:
    • Professor Yang Fuqing, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Chinese
    • The National 863 Program Information Expert Academician Huai Jinpeng from Beihang University
    • Professor Lv Jian from Nanjing University
    • Professor Meihong from Peking University
  • more than 30 of VIPs and 200 representatives of IT industry

More about Trustie:
Trustie is a public networking trustworthyness software production and service environment, with the core platform including collaborative software development platform, software repository, software credibility grading framework, software product line, multi-spectrum software tools.

Trustie includes more than 100 independently developed multi-spectrum software tools, 450 software components, and more than 20,000 software components and architectures. It also has a collaborative development community with more than 300 collaborative projects. Trustie also has 4 technology-oriented software production lines and 7 industry-oriented software production lines.

Since 2008, Trustie has been widely used in various of software parks and incubator parks, has supported China's aviation, aerospace, defense and other key projects, and helped Digital China, Neusoft, Kay Rucker and other large software companies to implement large-scale information systems and large-scale software production system transformation and reconstruction programs. Trustie has been successfully applied in the Shenzhou software system, large-scale agile development platform of Kay Rucker navigation software, a flight control system, a high-speed train control system, and some other major national projects, as well as hundreds of scientific research units.

In the future, Trustie will become a public Science and Technology development supported platform, a software talent training supported platform, and also an innovative software collaborative development supported platform.

Cooperation between Trustie and OW2:
Trustie also has the extensive cooperation with the OW2 Consortium, one of the top four open-source international organizations: some of OW2 open source projects are based on Trustie, the 2009 and 2010 OW2 Programming Contest uses Trustie as a development platform. Trustie and OW2 will jointly provide and promote a world-class cloud computing open source component library.

Trustie conference web page:
OW2 poster on display at the conference: