Programming Contest 2015 Awards

October 15, 2015

Tianjin University, China

The Programming Contest 2015 Award Conference took place at the University of Tianjin. Congratulations to all the contestants, and thumbs up to the winners.

Cédric introducing the Awards Conference

First Prize

The 1st Prize was attributed to Yuan Xinchen, Zhi Mengxuan, Duan Shikai, Liu Caizheng, Yan Dong from ISCAS for their work on a Bench4Q plugin for continuous integration and delivery.

The First Prize Award

Second Prizes

Two 2d Prizes were attributed to:

  • Yiang Gan, Xiang Hou, Zhixing Li, Yu Yue from NUDT for their work on Ossean-Webmagic, a distributed vertical data acquisition framework for Open Source Communities.
  • Wen Huangh, Bing Jiang, Shouhe from Beihang University for their project focusing on reducing the mobile Web browsing latency using the crowd contributions of mobile users.

Third Prizes

Eleven 3d prizes were attributed, to the following teams:

Team membersUniversity / AcademyTopicOW2 Project
Jianbin Wang, Wenpeng LiPeking UniversityCode Structure based visualization Q&A toolTSRR
Peilong Xu, Bang Xiao, Zhonghou LvBeijing University of Aeronautics and AstronauticsModeling and execution of complex crowd computing tasksService4All
Wei Duan, Minzhi YanBeihang UniversityTesting Web Services with Mobile CrowdsourcingService4All
Xiao Ming, Hou Xiang, Yang Cheng, Wu Ming, Chen Mengwen, Zhang Fang, Long JunNational University of Defense TechnologyOSS recommendation system based on requirement analysisTSRR
He Meimei, Tang Hongyi, Ji Qiang, Xu PeixingInstitute of Software Chinese Academy Of SciencesDetect cross-browser issues for JavaScript-based web applicationsX-CHECK
Qiang Fan, Bingxun Liu, Yun Zhan, Xunhui Zhang, Chenxi Song, Li LiNational University of Defense TechnologyTrend Analysis Tool for Open Source SoftwareTSRR
Yuxia Zhang, JohnPeking UniversityPractice Evolution ExplorerPractice Evolution Explorer
Pengfei Zhang,Zedong FanNational University of Defense TechnologyReal-time and distributed publication/subscription support in robot infrastructure softwareTSRR
Lin Zeqi, Yang Kai, Luo YuxiangPeking UniversitySemantic Document Search Engine for Software DevelopersSecRank
Zhenglin Xia, Yu Tang, Zhenglin Xia, Jin DingBeihang UniversityProviding Causal Consistent Data Storage for Service4AllService4All
Fumin Sun, Wei Yuan, Kai SunBeihang UniversityHot programming topic detection in online software developers Q&A communitiesTBA

Congratulations again to all!

We're looking forward to the 2016 edition of the OW2 Programming Contest.

Award Conference Presentations

The Conference was also the occasion to present and discuss ideas around the following topics : 

  • Open-Source Software: Opportunities and Challenges, by Wei-Tek Tsai, Professor of Computer Science and Engineering, Beihang University, Vice President OW2
  • Open Source Software: the Governance Makes the Difference, by Cedric Thomas, OW2 CEO
  • OW2 SQuAT: Models and Services for Quality Open Source Software, by Stéphane Laurière, OW2 CTO
  • Trustie Development Environment, by Gang Yin, NUDT

Cédric presenting how "Governance Makes the Difference"

Stéphane presenting OW2 SQuAT

Gang Yin presenting Trustie