OW2 Programming Contest 2015

October 15, 2015

Tian Jin University, China



Award Conference: 15-16 October, 2015
Host: Tian Jin University

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The 2015 OW2 Open Source Software Programming Contest is co-organized by COPU, the China OSS Promotion Union 

Purpose of the Competition

Once again in 2015, OW2 organizes its open source programming contest. This is the seventh edition of the OW2 Programming Contest. The purpose of the competition is to develop awareness for the OW2 code base among students and developers, and to provide an opportunity for contestants to demonstrate their talent in software programming. What’s more, the contest aims at promoting teamwork and college students' ability to study and use OW2 open source projects. Based on principles of freedom, sharing and creativity, and aiming at improving international communication and cooperation, the competition is overseen by IT professionals and academics from Europe and China. 

Check out previous editions here: 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014

Why participate in the OW2 Programming Contest?

Your participation in this contest will allow you to:

  • Enhance your visibility, show your skills, express your own talent
  • Grow your international network and establish contacts with open source software companies
  • Develop your skills and ability to use and develop state-of-the-art distributed open source middleware
  • And win a prize! 

Please register here.

Help promote the Contest!

Please use the OW2 Programming Contest flyer to promote the Programming Contest around you. Circulate the flyer, print it, distribute it, post it!

Contest Prizes

Winning teams will share great cash prizes!

  • One First prize of 10,000 RMB = 1450€
  • Two Second prizes of 5,000 RMB each = 750€
  • Up to Ten Third prizes of 1,000 RMB each = 150€

1.1.1Important Dates

  • Deadline for topics submission: extended to May 18, 2015 (was April 30) 
  • Deadline for registration: July 15, 2015
  • Deadline for code submission: September 10, 2015
  • Award conference: October 15-16, 2015

Contest Rules


The contest is broadly open to academic staff and students of universities and research institutes, engineers of industrial and business organizations, and all other professionals.


  1. Participants must select a topic from the *list of topics provided* on the OW2 Contest webpage. 
  2. Once they have selected a topic, they must go to the Registration page for registration instructions.

Contest Topics

  • The idea of a topic is to propose work on a particular component, exploratory functions, use cases, extension, etc.
  • A topic could typically be something that is in the project's roadmap but for which the project team does not have resources.
  • It could also be something that the project team would like to explore, in order to develop a prototype (proof of concept).

Process and Technical Requirements

  1. After registration, participants must get in touch with the topic contact, and exchange information on the corresponding project mailing list.
  2. A weekly report has to be sent by e-mail to the topic contact and OW2 Programming Contest staff.
  3. The software will be developed using the Trustie collaborative infrastructure,  SVN on the OW2 Forge or Git
  4. The software should include appropriate documentation for installing and running it, as well as examples and tests. 
  5. The language for code comments and documentation should be English. 

Award Selection

The Award Selection process includes three stages:

  1. Shortlist of entries by an Expert Team
  2. Peer-evaluation on the Internet
  3. Final selection by the OW2 Technology Council

In the first stage, works will be shortlisted from all the received submissions. Peer-evaluation on the Internet will be made by the contest topic contacts. Finally, the selection team will decide on the awards to be given, taking into consideration the results of the first and second stages.

Award Conference and Prize Ceremony

The award conference will take place on October 15-16, hosted by the prestigious Tianjin University. Save the date!

Participants are invited to participate in the Award Conference and Prize Ceremony. They will be given the opportunity to attend world class lectures in the morning and, in the afternoon, present their work in English during the international student workshop. In case participants cannot attend, they can provide OW2 with a video or presentation including slides with associated comments either in text or recorded.