Jul 11 2008

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Open Workd Forum
OW2 TechDay

Open World Forum

December 1-2, 2008
Maison de la Chimie
Paris, France.
The Open World Forum features the first OW2 TechDay Implementing the agile computing infrastructure.

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At the hub of the FLOSS movement, the Open World Forum provides an international venue where FLOSS community members, politicians, IT decision makers, software project managers and leading-edge researchers and academics can meet to:

  • Strengthen collaboration between all players in the FLOSS ecosystem
  • Identify key trends and cross-fertilize ideas and initiatives
  • Send out a clear message at the highest level about the need to consolidate research, innovation and public sector initiatives in FLOSS.

Open World Forum (Forum Mondial du Libre)

The Open World Forum published its 2020 FLOSS Roadmap. This is a projection of the influences that will affect FLOSS between now (2008) and 2020, with descriptions of all FLOSS-related trends as anticipated by OWF contributors over this period of time. It also highlights all sectors that will, potentially, be impacted by FLOSS, from the economy to the Information Society. It is easy to find a wealth of writings on the subject of FLOSS contributed by various analysts, but this study represents a first, not just because of its inward looking vision of the future of the FLOSS Community itself, but also because it is the result of a collaborative effort by all OWF contributors. This first version of 2020 Roadmap is open to comment, and will be re-assessed annually during the OWF.

OW2 TechDay

The OW2 TechDay is a unique opportunity to discover the latest development in the OW2 code base and state-of-the-art technologies in areas such as Software development, Application server, Identity management, Collaboration, Portal, SOA, Enterprise service bus, Business process management, Data integration and Business Intelligence.

Download the OW2 TechDay Detailed agenda

December 1
OW2 TechDay
Implementing the Agile Computing Infrastructure
Special Guest: The SpringSource Community

09:00 - 10:50 : Session 1: Foundations

1.Software development: "Trustie: the Software Factory for Trustworthy Software", Huaimin Wang, Professor, NUDT School of Computer
2.Application Server: "JOnAS: the flexible Java EE Server Platform", François Exertier, Project Leader, Bull.(PDF)
3.Application Server: "dm Server Presentation", Julien Dubois, Regional Director, SpringSource
4.Framework: "The Spring Framework", Julien Dubois, Regional Director, SpringSource. (PDF)
10:50 - 11:10 Coffee Break

11:10 - 12:40 : Session 2: User Essentials

5.Identity Management: "(Re)discovering authorization APIs and LDAP model binding", Clément Oudot, Project Leader, Linagora. (PDF)
6.Collaboration: "Wiki 2.0 : building applications right into your wiki", Ludovic Dubost, CEO, XWiki.
7.Portal: "Enterprise 2.0 Portals: What's New for Developers?", Tugdual Grall, VP Business and Product Strategy, eXo Platform

12:40 - 14:00 Lunch Break

14:00 - 17:20 : Session 3: SOA and Business Intelligence

1.Methodology: "SOA in Action", Marc Dutoo, Consultant, Open Wide
2.Enterprise Service Bus: "PEtALS, SOA Standards In Java, The Best Of Both World", Gaël Blondelle, CTO, EBM Websourcing. (PDF)
3.Business Process Management: "Nova Bonita, Open Source BPM Solution", Miguel Valdes Faura, BPM Manager, Bull. (PDF)
4.Data Integration: "Open Source BI, Geospatial, Data Quality and Data Integration platforms", Cedric Carbone, CTO, Talend
5.SOA and BI: "What's New in Open Source BI and SOA?", Davide dalle Carbonare, Project Architect, Engineering. (PDF)
6.Integrated Solution: "OW2 BI Initiative Solution Stack", Emma McGrattan, CTO, Ingres, Stefano Scamuzzo, BI Initiative Lead, Engineering