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{{html clean="false" wiki="false"}}H1 2008 OW2 QUARLERLY MEETING

Please download the Quarterly Meeting agenda (pdf format).

The first 2008 OW2 Quarterly Meeting will take place on May 14-16, 2008 at INRIA, Montbonnot (Grenoble), France. (see below for practical details). PROGRAM AT A GLANCE:

Wednesday May 14th :

Meeting of the Technology Council: all day

09:00AM - 04:30PM : Open Architecture discussions:

  • Project selection criteria
  • Project life cycle
  • Himalaya Program
  • OW2 Trustie Project
  • Project life cycle classification worksession

04:30PM - 05:30PM : Technology infrastructure management 06:00PM - 07:00PM : TCK Meeting

Meeting of the Ecosystem Council: afternoon (01:30PM - 04:30PM)

  • Communication plan
  • Membership development
  • Status on licensing and business models discussion
  • Liaison strategy
  • Europe Local Chapter team meeting (from 4:30 pm)

Thursday May 15th :

OW2 Board of Directors: all day

  • Election of the new President
  • CEO report
  • On-going strategy discussions
  • Europe Local Chapter
  • Himalaya Program
  • New projects selections
  • Communication plan discussion
  • Membership development

OW2 Tech Day: Projects and technologies presentations

9:30AM-10:00AM Title : JOnAS Versioning (Frédéric Germaneau / Bull or Ali Tokmen / Bull). Download the presentation

Abstract : The subject is smooth application versions migration in a JOnAS cluster, without interruption of service.

10:00AM-10:30AM: Title : JO2NAS, the best of JOnAS and PKUAS merged on OSGi (Minghui Zhou / PKU, François Exertier / Bull). Download the presentation

Abstract : This talk presents the last results of the technological cooperation between PKUAS team and JOnAS team.

10:30AM-11:00AM: Title : SpagoBI 2.0, (Andrea Gioia/ Engineering Ingegneria Informatica). Download the presentation

Abstract: "a preview of architecture, functionality and interface of SpagoBI version 2.0"

11:00AM-11:30AM: Break

11:30AM-12:00AM: Title : SCA support in PEtALS with Tinfi/Frascati, Mohammed Eljaï, EBM WebSourcing. Download the presentation

12:00AM-12:30AM: Title : Test management and load testing with Salomé-TMF and CLIF, Bruno Dillenseger, France Telecom. Download the presentation

Abstract : Salomé-TMF and CLIF are Java projects dedicated to testing activities. Both are adaptable frameworks: Salomé-TMF may manage any kind of testing activity, while CLIF may support load testing of any kind of systems, both through a plug-in based extension scheme.

12:30AM-02:00PM : Lunch Break

02:00PM-02:30PM: New project proposal: DRaGon, distributed registry and governance for SOA, Gaël Blondelle, EBM WebSourcing.

02:30PM-03:00PM: New project proposal : Azuki-Framework Overview, Robert Bakic.

03:00PM-03:30PM: New project : ASPIRE RFID : an Advanced Sensors and lightweight Programmable middleware for Innovative Rfid Enterprise applications,by Stéphane Ribas, INRIA and Didier Donsez, LIG, Joseph Fourier University. Download the presentation

Abstract : The ASPIRE project (FP7 ICT-215417 http://fp7-aspire.eu/index.html funded by the European Union) researches and provides a radical change in the current RFID deployment paradigm through innovative, programmable, royalty-free, lightweight and privacy friendly middleware. This new middleware paradigm will be particular beneficial to European SME, which are nowadays experiencing significant cost-barriers to RFID deployment. European networked enterprises in general and SME in particular are still reluctant to adopt RFID, since they perceive RFID as unprofitable or too risky. This is largely due to the fact that the adoption of RFID technology incurs a significant Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). ASPIRE will significantly lower SME entry costs for RFID technology, through developing and providing a lightweight, royalty-free, innovative, programmable, privacy friendly, middleware platform that will facilitate low-cost development and deployment of innovative RFID solutions. This platform will act as a main vehicle for realizing the proposed swift in the current RFID deployment paradigm. Portions (i.e. specific libraries) of the ASPIRE middleware will be hosted and run on low-cost RFID-enabled microelectronic systems, in order to further lower the TCO in mobility scenarios (i.e. mobile warehouses, trucks). Hence, the ASPIRE middleware platform will be combined with innovative European developments in the area of ubiquitous RFID-based sensing (e.g., , physical quantities sensing (temperature, humidity, pressure, acceleration), mobile re, low-cost), towards enabling novel business cases that ensure improved business results. The ASPIRE RFID middleware is currently an OW2 incubated project led by John Soldatos (AIT) and Didier Donsez (UJF).

03:30PM-04:00PM : Break

04:00PM-04:30PM : New project proposal : UShareSoft Solution Forge Overview and Demonstration, James Weir CTO, UShareSoft

Abstract : UShareSoft, recently created startup provides the first Solution Forge as a Service (SaaS) Platform specializing in the simple and automated creation of open source based software appliances. This enables Developers, Integrators and open source communities to safely create, update, share and publish simple, repeatable high quality open source IT software solutions.

04:30PM-05:00PM: Title : KPI proposal for OSS metrics evaluationAuthor, Mauro Madravio, University of Milan. Download the presentation

Speaker profile: From 2002 to now Mr Madravio collaborates with the Department of Information Technology of the University of Milan and its customers, working of the different themes:

  • SWOSS, a web based tool to evaluate OSS quality.
  • SINIM, a tool to calculate metrics on software source code.
  • Standards in Usability and Accessibility of bank web sites.
  • Digital Television and RFId (Radio Frequencies Identity) technology.
  • How to introduce and improve CMM (Capability Maturity Model) in IT companies.
  • Hardware and software architectures to implements Citizen Services in e-Government environments.
  • Development of guidelines and tools for open source projects evaluation and adoption in critical environments.
  • Fault Management in mobile phone environment.
  • Design of a prototype of a talking ATM multipurpose interface for bank environment.

He also collaborated in national and European financed projects:

  • MAPS: Italian research project on process metrics and the usage of Extreme Programming paradigm while developing software applications.
  • KIWI: Italian research project on Knowledge Representation and Management.
  • PRIME: European research project on services release based on digital identity.

Friday May 16th :

  • OW2 2008 General Assembly: morning
  • Eclipse presentation (Ralph Mueller, Director Eclipse Europe)- Cancelled.
  • Board of Directors report
  • Report of the Election of the President
  • Ecosystem Council Report
  • Technology Council Report
  • Europe Local Chapter presentation Download the presentation
  • Status of the OW2 Infrastructure
  • BI Initiative presentation


See access info

Hotel list : Here are some suggestions of hotels. You may find other addresses at www.booking.com/Hotels-a-Grenoble

Near Grenoble central station:

  • Hotel Institut(two stars), 10 rue Barbillon +33 (0)4 76 46 36 44), 60 euros
  • Hotel Touring (two stars), 26, av. Alsace Lorraine +33 (0)4 76 46 24 32), 50 euros
  • Hotel d'angleterreHotel d?Angleterre (three stars), place Victor Hugo +33 (0)4 76 87 37 21), 100 euros

Near the INRIA:

  • Hotel les BalladinsHotel les Balladins (one star), Parc technique du Pré Millet, Montbonnot, (3 min. by car) 31 euros
  • Hotel Kyriad MeylanHotel Kyriad Meylan (two stars), Chemin du Vieux Chêne.Z.I.R.S.T. Meylan

+33 (0)4 76 90 76 90, (10 min. by car) , 45 euros