Jul 02 2008

O'Reilly OSCON Open Source Convention, Portland Convention Center, July 21-25, 2008

OW2 took part in OSCON 2008, the O'Reilly US Open Source event. OW2 was kindly invited to have one of the exhibition spots reserved for non profit organizations. This was combined with Cedric Thomas invitation at Participate08 (a one-day, Microsoft-sponsored summit, by invitation only, held in parallel with the O'Reilly event). 

OSCON 2008 Report 

An interesting networking and dissemination opportunity for OW2 in North America and other parts of the world. We (CT) did a fair number of presentations at our booth but it really was like that only when they brought the buffet ;-). It was an opportunity for a number of interesting meetings with potential for follow-up. It has been a great pleasure to meet so many nice people. Here are some of them (in alphabetical order - and of course my apologies to the many I cannot mention here):

Who: Nahim de Andra Martin, Presidente, AMESOL (www.amesol.org.mx) I met Nahim at Microsoft Participate08. He is one of the most prominent figure of open source in Mexico. He is also the CEO of LinuxParaTodos.Net

Follow-up: Nahim wishes to organize meetings for OW2 in Mexico. He says that the WebBuilder project which was open sourced by Infotec (a government IT research agency) would be a good fit in the OW2 code base. WebBuilder is already very successful within the Mexican government agencies. 

Who: Dr. Ahmed Bentiba, Senior Lecturer, Emirates Telecommunications Corporation Dr. Bentiba, is also the lead of the Emirates Linux User Group. 

Follow-up: Dr. Bentiba offered to help us establich contacts and organize OW2 presentations and workshops in the Emirates should we decide to concentrate our membership development efforts on the region. 

Who: Robert Duffner, Senior Director, Platform & Open Source Strategy at Microsoft I met Robert at Participate08 along with Sam Ramji, Senior Director, Platform Strategy at Microsoft and Bryan Kirshner, Director of Open Source Strategy. Robert came to the booth for a full presentation of OW2.

Follow-up: Sam Ramji's team have already opened discussions with open source communities such as Apache and Eclipse. Sam wishes to do the same with OW2. It seemed to me that it would be interesting to have a presentation of Microsoft open source strategy to the Technology Council. They accepted the invitation to do so at one of the next Quarterly Meetings. We will arrange this before the end of August.

Who: Bob Gobeille, The FOSSology Project Architect FOSSoloy is an application that HP had developed for their own internal needs. They chose to open source it when they decided not to make it a product. 

Follow-up: Bob agreed to help us implement FOSSology on our servers. He will open an account for us so our SysAdmin will be able to test FOSSology. The application is CPU intensive and requires a copy of the files. We will have the possibility to parse directly our own forge file system but his would require some work on our part. Also possible to develop scripts to automate it.

Who: Prof. C. N. Krishnan, Program Director, National Resource Centre For Free/Open Source Software, India I met Prof. Krishnan at Microsoft Participate08. He leads a program aimed at developing OSS awareness to IT students and engineers in India. 

Follow-up: Prof. Krisnan is interested in introducing OW2 to high-level stake holders in India. A conference call is to be organized to perform a tele-presentation of OW2, to Indian authorities. 

Who: Giancarlo Leonetti, Atlassian

Follow-up: I gave Giancarlo a presentation of OW2 and we discussed whether we should find some sort of overall agreement to allow the OW2 community to use Atlassian tools on our projets. Giancarlo will forward so we can resume our conversation end of August.

Who: Van Lindberg, Attorney, Haynes and Boone, LLP Van Lindberg just published a book on "Intellectual Property and Open Source". It's the book we need to refer to when we, us non-lawyers, want to discuss IP. Recommanded reading to anyone who wish to taken part in the maintenance of our IPR policy. The book is still pretty much US-centric; a more international edition is in the works.

Follow-up: Van Lindberg is interested in helping OW2 (for a fee?) when we have our questions clarified.

Who: Christine Normile, Senior Product Manager, Ingres

Follow-up: The presentation I gave Christine was already a follow-up to discussions we have had with top Ingres executives. Ingres is interested by what we do at OW2. I invited them for a presentation to the Technology Council at next Quarterly Meeting.

Who: Karen Sandler, Legal Counsel, Software Freedom Law Center I met with Karen like a follow-up to the meeting we had with Eben Moglen.

Follow-up: Karen explained how the SFLC could help OW2 as part of the pro bono work they do for non-profit organizations. We can send questions to help@softwarefreedom.org. Another track to get professional help in our IPR policy maintenance effort.

Who: Cliff Schmidt, Executive Director, Literacy Bridge We know Cliff well from before OW2 at ObjectWeb. As Apache VP Legal Affairs, he gave a good presentation on open source licenses at ObjectWebCon06. Cliff just launched Literacy Bridge, a not-profit organization which develps the "talking book" a device designed to transmit practical knowledge (medical, agricultural, etc.) and aimed at developing countris in areas with no or little written communication and Internet.

Follow-up: I promised Cliff OW2 would be willing to help. I guess some software need to be written for his device. For the moment we used the booth table to take the first pictures ever of the talking book.

Who: Virach Sornlertamvanich, Assitant Director, National Electronic and Computer Technology Center (NECTEC)

Follow-up: We agreed on arranging a tele-presentation of OW2 to him and members of NECTEC in September.

Who: K. R. Srivathsan, Director, Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management. I met K. R. Srivathsan along with Prof Krishnan. He has developed an open source GIS (http://www.edugrid.ac.in/webgis/) on top of Google Map.

Follow-up: K. R. Srivathsan is one of the person we must talk to in India. 

Who: Tony Wasserman, Executive Director, Center for Open Source Investigation, Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley

Follow-up: We share the same interests in business and open source. I invited Tony to participate in the programme committee and a panel session in the upcoming Open World Forum (Forum Mondial du Libre) nex December in Paris.

That's all for now.