Mar 25 2015

Net Futures 2015 is an event organized by the European Commission that  
brings together all of Net Futures' interest groups around cross-cutting topics: IoT, open source, cloud, smart cities, and start-ups.  It will also include consultation meetings that cover all Net Futures' topics: 

- Network Technologies,
- Software & Services,
- Cloud,
- Net Innovation,
- Experimental Platforms.

OW2 Cédric Thomas CEO is speaking in the Open Source Session on wednesday March 25 afternoon. The talk will focus on communities governance and the role of foundations. Check out detailed program of the session here

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Details for Cédric Thomas presentation

TITLE Open Source Software: the Governance Makes the Difference

ABSTRACT: Many research and innovation projects adopt an open source approach from the implicit understanding that making the code of unfinished components freely available keeps open the opportunity for third-party stakeholders and contributors will finally complete the software. This is a possibility on the paper. But is not how open source actually works. This is not how open source communities grow nor how open source software becomes successful. In this presentation we hold that one of the key differences between a success open source project and a failed one is that the successful project implement flawless open source project governance.

Check out the slides of the presentation on slideshare: