Aug 27 2007

Mostra de Soluções em Tecnologia da Informação e ComunicaçõesAplicadas ao Setor Público

The "Information and TelecommunicationsTechnologies Solutions Applied to the Public Sector Seminar and Fair" 2007 Eddition, was held in Brasília, Brazil, on march 27-29, 2007.

This year the central theme of the event was "The Brazil of the New Opportunities".

OW2 overview

Jean-Pierre Laisné, chairman of OW2, gave a lecture to present the vision of OW2 concerning the impact of FLOSS on Industry and the role consortia such as OW2 can play to foster the birth of a sustainable and independent Information Society based on fair and open knowledge economy.

QualiPSo presentation

In relation to this presentation, Stefano de Panfilis from Engineering, strategic member of OW2, introduced the QualiPSo project.
The aim of QualiPSo is to help industries and governments fuel innovation and competitiveness in today's and tomorrow's global environment by providing the way to use trusted low-cost, flexible open source software to develop innovative and reliable information systems.