Meeting on OSS forges


Jan 14 2009

Meeting on OSS forges at "La Cantine", Paris 21st and 22d January 2009.

Forges are Web environments providing distributed and collaborative software development tools.
Historically, free forges have been widely known thanks to SourceForge then Gforge platforms. Today, a huge number of projects use forges, either for free/open source software or enterprise software development. There are currently a number of free forge initiatives, like Trac, LibreSource, Codendi, Novaforge, Picoforge, Savane, ACOS, … Some of them are derived from SourceForge or Gforge, others are specific implementations. The objective of the meeting is to allow forge users and forge providers to meet themselves and to identify common needs, technical issues and discuss alternative solutions. The objective is then to ease standardisation and exchanges between different forges, according to the real needs defined by the users.

These two days will be organised as a mix of presentations and exchanges between the participants to address topics like: data exchange between forges, interoperability definition of an open integration model multi-forges search access control and identities management interaction between the forge and the developper environment

These days are then intended to all forge domain actors in France: researchers, industrials, users, services providers. Come to express your point of view, exchange on your interest subjects, needs, solutions and benefit from the expertise of the other actors to be informed of the last advances, define a shared roadmap or work on common topics.

More infos (in French):