Linux Conference Slovenia


Jul 06 2010

Linux conference
September 27-28, 2010
Portoroz, Slovenia
OW2 will participate and give a keynote presentation at the Linux Conference in Slovenia on September 27, 2010 at 11am.
The presentation will be given by Gabriele Ruffatti, Engineering Group andOW2 Board member.
Presentation title:
"Open Source Communities and business ecosystem strategy: The OW2 Consortium from the perspective of a Board member".

Presentation abstract:
The talk describes OW2 Consortium as a prominent example of a new generation of Open Source communities aiming at promoting a broad OSS stack and the development of business collaboration. OW2 includes both a software platform and a business one. The development of an ecosystem strategy balancing the community needs and business goals is the key to success. This talk is not an official OW2 presentation but it offers a general overview on OW2 structure and presents its main assets like project code base and activities, such as the Business Intelligence and Cloudware initiatives. Moreover, it gives the point of view of an OW2 founding member who is active in other OS initiatives and communities as well. This offers the chance to describe and compare different approaches to the open source domain, scoring them in order to mark the most prominent one, including different approaches, attitudes and specific goals in a common vision.>

Subjects for Linux conference 2010 are:
  • Cloud computing from point of enterprise information systems or business services and costs reductions connected with them
    - Open Source software for ERP, CRM, BPM
    - Security - Data Leak Prevention (DLP) inside enterprise, identity steal, safe connections
    - Open licensing of software and use cases of software with OS licenses usage in software development
    - Outsourcing of services and software in connection with main thematics - cloud computing
    - Integration of telephony and mobile telephony with help of OSS
    - Development platforms Android, Maemo, Symbian
    - Green IT, green data centers

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