Aug 26 2008

Ghangzhou Open Source Camp, China

September 20, 2008 - 01:00pm-07:00pm

OW2 participation to the event : The Board member Prof. Hongbo Xu will take part in the Camp and give a presentation of OW2 Community. OW2 will also be a sponsor.

Location: Donlord Hotels

Floor 5, meeting room M1 M2 M3



What is Open Source Camp Guangzhou?

Open Source Camp is an conference event that brings together open source developer, geek, entrepreneurs, academics, venture capitalists,technology influencer and Media for an intense user-created conference about open source, emerging technology topics. It's organized by the community, for the community. The event combines, sharing, learning, networking, and fun. Participants, who are experts and innovators in their fields, are also the presenters. We suggest you to join as an individual to share your ideas here, communicate with each other. The goal is to boost tech community and innovation around the world.

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