FISL Conference, Brazil


May 29 2012

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*13th Forum Internacional Software Livre*

fisl conference

The OW2 booth at fisl13

July 25-28, 2012
Porte Alegre, Brazil

*About OW2 presence at FISL*:
OW2, participates as a Silver Sponsor in the 13th edition of the International Free Software Forum (FISL) in Porto Alegre, Brazil.
For its second participation in FISL, the OW2 community is making a significant contribution to the event in both the exhibition hall and the conference program. OW2 is ramping up its efforts to reach out to all those IT professionals in Latin America looking to know more about the community and to benefit from its open source software solutions.
1) As for the conferences, the OW2 community will be hosting eight sessions that will reveal the strengths of open source innovation at OW2. From breakthrough collaborative projects to enterprise-ready application platforms, the community's contribution to the FISL conference program includes the following talks:
  • The changing nature of open source, Cedric Thomas, OW2, July 26, 05pm.
    * Pulse2 product, Sergio Rafael Lemke, Mandriva, July 26, 3pm. , (pdf)
    * Automating web services deploy on the cloud, Leonardo Leite, USP, (pdf)
    * Jmine, uma plataforma ágil de desenvolvimento em Java, Julien Renaut and Takeshi Fukushima, MAPS, July 28, 3pm.(pdf)
    * SpagoBI Brazilian Use Case, Miguel Koren O'Brien de Lacy, Konsultex, July 27, 10am.
    * Extensive information management with SpagoBI: agile, mobile and real-time business intelligence, Andrea Gioia, SpagoBI Corporate Team, July 26, 10am., (pdf)
  • CompatibleOne project, Cédric Thomas, OW2, July 28, 12am., (pdf)
    * BonitaSoft , Leandro Marcio Hernandez Benitez, 4Linux, July 27, 12am.

2) On the exhibition floor, the “OW2 Village” will be one of the largest booths. Members and projects 4Linux, Mandriva, MAPS, CompatibleOne and SpagoBI will showcase OW2's state-of-the-art open source technologies in middleware, enterprise applications and platforms, and cloud computing.

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