FISL, Brazil


Apr 19 2011


*June 29 - July 2, 2011*
*Porto Alegre, Brazil*

Visit OW2 on booth #52!

Thanks to the active support of our members from Brazil, OW2 has been able to submit a list of possible presentations. Please find below the list of accepted talks.

1) *OW2 and open source trends: community presentation*, Cédric Thomas, OW2
* Schedule: June 30, 1PM 40-T
Founded in January 2007, OW2 is an independent industry community dedicated to developing open source code infrastructure (middleware and generic applications) and to fostering a vibrant community and business ecosystem. In this presentation we highlights the strengths and pitfalls of commercial open source as perceived from the standpoint of the OW2 community , we analyse the role of open source organizations in providing a structure to the open source software industry and we position OW2 in this context. We introduce the five key components of OW2: its code base, its community, its activities, its governance and its financial model. We also describe two main endeavors of the community, the OW2 Open Source Cloudware Initiative (OSCi) and the Software Quality Assurance and Trustworthiness (SQuAT) program. We demonstrate how OW2, more than just a community is an open source business ecosystem platform.

2) *OW2 Bonitasoft Technical Presentation*, Miguel Koren O'Brien de Lacy, Konsultex
* Schedule*: July 1st, 11AM 41-A
* Abstract*:
This presentation will show how a business need can be turned into a process and a running application with Bonita. Business Process Management is in high demand these days but customers need complete solutions which can be implemented at the lowest possible cost. The open source universe has several solutions with which BPM can be implemented but rarely is it a complete solution. Bonita on the other hand offers this possibility being a BPM design studio, workflow execution engine, user and management console, having BAM (Business Activity Monitoring) and process simulation. In addition to designing the process, Bonita Studio offers the developer a form designer so that process steps with human interaction can be customized according to company colors, logos and user interaction needs. In process design Bonita follows standards like BPMN2 and XPDL so that the processes are as portable as possible.

3) *OW2 SlapOS, the CompatibleOne project billing platform*, Rafael Monnerat, Nexedi
* Schedule*: June 29,9-10AM in room 41-A.
* Abstract:* "SlapOS": – an OW2 and CompatibleOne project – is probably the first open source Distributed Cloud Operating system of this kind. It is based on a ERP model and provides a simple API which anyone can learn in less than one hour and instantiate any type of software: from NoSQL/SQL databases to ERPs, virtual machine and tens others. Thanks to process allocation optimization and the billing system, any software publisher can become a multi-tenant SaaS or PaaS provider in less than a week, without having to consider huge investments in research and development, and start to charge for your services. This presentation aims to introduce SlapOS, the architecture, early sucessfull cases and the project roadmap.

4) *Compatible One R&D Project: The Freedom of interoperability above the clouds*, by Cédric Thomas, OW2 and Jean-Paul Smet, Nexedi.
* Schedule*: July 2, 3PM 40-T 3PM 40-T
* Abstract*: Compatible One is one of the major R&D Cloud Computing projects in Europe today. Compatible One aims to provide an open "cloudware" for the creation, deployment and management of private, public and hybrid cloud platforms, addressing IaaS, PaaS, SaaS within a global unified solution. The key points of the project are :

  • OPEN: Source code, interfaces, documentation and licensing.
  • COMPATIBLE: with many platforms to provide maximum freedom to users and developers.
  • SCALABLE: offering maximum abstraction of resources and facilitating the creation of applications and services.

Compatible One is a collaborative project comprising both industrial and academic partners.

5) *Choreos cooperative project*, by Fabio Kon, USP (tbc - CHOReOS talk has been submitted through FISL CFP)
In the framework of its role in the CompatibleOne and Choreos collaborative projects dissemination packages, OW2 has booked a booth at the FISL show (booth #52). Of course all OW2 members are invited to take advantage of the booth. We will be situated right next to another OW2 member, the University of Sao Paulo.

*About FISL:*
Since 2000, and the first edition of the International Free Software Forum (fisl), we have experienced eleven years of hard work, immense collaboration and the involvement of thousands of people who truly believe in free software and the strength of a real sense of community. Thanks to the work and commitment of this increasingly larger and stronger community, we have managed to create the biggest free software event in Latin America.