Community Survey Results


Nov 05 2009

November 2009.

Survey presentation:
Further to a decision at the Board meeting held October 21, the OW2 Management Office sent a questionnaire to the community with the essential aim to gather some input regarding the technology focus of the Consortium.
The responses were to be taken into account in the drafting of the 2010-2012 development plan.
The questionnaire had 10 questions and was architected to be completed in five to ten minutes. We received 64 responses, all duely completed.
Click here if you want to fill out the survey (second wave) and here for the full results (of the first wave).

Survey results:

  1. Community satisfaction.

Although only one respondent declared to be "Dissatisfied", overall results are rather average:
- 57% are "Satisfied or "Somewhat Satisfied"
- 27% are "Neutral"

2. Recommendation rate.

Recommendation rate higher than satisfaction.
  • 76% would recommend OW2 "Somewhat likely" or "Very Likely"
    - Only one respondent would rather not recommend OW2
    - Even members who are "Somewhat dissatisfied" are likely to

recommend OW2.
3. Technology.
Aggregated results show preference for:
- promoting flagship projects (84%)
- creating an interoperability architecture (70%)
- focus on user-reeady projects (64%)
4. Membership situation.