Jun 26 2009

OW2 was busy and scored great success in Brazil in August thanks to Strategic Members Bull, INRIA and SERPRO and Corporate Members EBM Websourcing, Konsultex and UNIFOR.

Our efforts in Brazil included meetings and presentations with members and prospective members and participating in CONSEGI 2009 (Congresso Internacional de Software Livre e Governo Eletrônico). The objective was to prepare the launch of the OW2 Brazil Local Chapter.

Meetings and Presentations
A series of meetings and presentations were held to promote and grow the OW2 community in Brazil:

  • In Saõ Paulo, we were greeted by Konsultex' Miguel Koren and his wife Rita who helped us arrange meetings with Novartis and the University of Saõ Paulo (USP). Professor Fabio Kon at the Centro de Competência em Software Livre at USP kindly booked an amphitheater for a presentation to invited USP professors and students.
  • In Fortaleza, we met with Nabor das Chagas, Fernando Trinta, Plácido Rogerio and Jose Almeida of UNIFOR who organized a meeting for us to explain OW2 to Fatima Veras, the rector of the university, in order to develop cursus in areas related to open source. Nabor also helped organize a presentation for engineers at SERPRO's local branch.
  • In Brasilia, while at CONSEGI, we had a highly productive meeting with the team behind the Demoiselle framework, now an OW2 project, in order to draft an action plan to integrate relevant OW2 projects into the framework and promote it within our community. Moreover, besides our scheduled presentations (see below), we were lucky to meet with many representatives of the open source community including Vicente Aguiar of Colivre, Erico Ferreira of Dataprev, Erico Vasconcelos of ETTBrasil, Rodolfo Gobbi of 4Linux, Rodrigo Hjort of HSI Consultoria, Jairo Fonseca of Light Infocon, Paulo Coelho of Proderj, Carlos Pittas of Propus and Michelle Ribeiro of Spirit Linux.

At CONSEGI, OW2 was invited to give several presentations:

  • 27 Aug. 10:40-11:20, Open Business Track: OW2 Institutional Presentation, Jean-Pierre Laisne, OW2 Chairman of the Board - download the presentation (PDF)
  • 27 Aug. 14:45-15:30, Sala Alm. Alvaro Alberto: OW2: The Open Source Infrastructure Consortium, Cedric Thomas, OW2 CEO
  • 27 Aug. 16:00-16:45, Sala Alm. Alvaro Alberto: French Social Security powers its nationwide SOA infrastructure with open source ESB Petals, Gael Blondelle, CTO EBM Websourcing, and OW2 VP Technology

Our appreciation to SERPRO for making this possible, specially Ana Maria Amorim for the invitation, and to Deivi Kuhn and Paulo Pastore for the many introductions and their patient support.

The conference (August 26 - 28, 2009, Brazilia) was co-organized by SERPRO, OW2 Strategic member, who officially invited OW2 to participate (view the invitation).
The high point of CONSEGI was of course the presence of President Lula at the opening ceremony where he declared his intention to position Brazil at the forefront of open source in the world. Brazil is probably the only country where open source is granted such a broad political dimension. Government support for open source in Brazil is tremendous and it is brilliantly orchestrated by our friends at SERPRO.

Open Business
In the framework of CONSEGI, SERPRO and the export-oriented Softex and Apex organizations, organized a day-long event where small open source companies started discussions about how to better cooperate in order to grow their market and leverage the federal government strategy to develop exports of open source technologies and solutions toward countries in Latin America and Africa.

Open source trade association
As an outcome of CONSEGI and Open Business, we expect the launch of a Brazilian open source trade association in the near future. We are looking forward to supporting it through the OW2 Brazil Local Chapter and by providing access to world-class technology and an organized platform that is both community-driven and internationally connected.

Brasilia Protocol
The Brasilia Protocol details a commitment and an action plan to enforce the ODF format as a standard for the production, exchange and storage of written documents. It is promoted by large IT users, including Caixa Economica Federal (Clarice Coppetti, VP IT at Caixa, is the coordinator of the Brasilia Protocol), Banco do Brasil, SERPRO, Ministério das Relações Exteriores, Correios, Dataprev, etc. The Brasilia Protocol is a unique initiative to promote nation-wide use of an open standard.