AFULtab Contest


Nov 30 2011

AFULtab Contest

Open source hardware was a hot topic at the China Open Source Week, that's why we listened carefully when AFUL, the French Linux User Group, asked us to support their open source tablet contest.

As they say: "Because free software was born with the hackers community, because innovation and free software are almost always synonyms, because free software users want free software in all their digital devices, the AFUL is launching a contest to free the Tablets!"

We know there are people out there in the OW2 ecosystem that can deliver in record time, a fully functional Tablet for both professional and private use, built exclusively with software and applications under a free software license.

Check out the full contest description here:

Deadline for the contest is 01 May, 2012. The winners will go away with a 1000€ cash prize. We never said free as in free beer ;)