Feb 24 2014

OW2 at Cloudscape VI

Cloudscape VI
February 24-25, 2014
Brussels, Belgium

Cloudscape VI (http://www.cloudscapeseries.eu) will take place, February 24 and 25, at the brand new Microsoft Centre in Brussels, 51 Rue Montoyer.

OW2 members, involved in OCEAN FP7 Project, will conduct presentation and meetings regarding open source Cloud computing and OpenCloud Interoperability PlugFest (http://www.ocean-project.eu).

OCEAN members from OW2, Fraunhofer and Engineering teams will be able to give in depth details about the Open Cloud Who's Who, the reference architecture, the OCEAN framework and roadmap, interoperability and testing services.

This year, CloudScape VI focuses on the strategic role of cloud adoption and its socio-economic benefits. Lightning talks and interactive discussions are a key feature of event.

More information: http://www.cloudscapeseries.eu