2013/02/27 Cloudscape V, Brussels


Feb 04 2013

OW2 at Cloudscape V

Cloudscape V
February 27-28, 2013
Brussels, Belgium

Cloudscape V (http://www.cloudscapeseries.eu) will take place in the International Auditorium of Brussels, February 27 and 28.

OW2 team will present the OCEAN project and its calendar of OpenCloud Interoperability PlugFests (http://www.ocean-project.eu).

OCEAN members from OW2, Fraunhofer and Engineering teams will be able to give in depth details about the Open Cloud Who's Who, its interoperability and testing services.

The CloudScape agenda is inspired by the latest developments in European R&D, open data, open science, eGovernment, SME innovation. Key issues explored here include trust, security, certification, standards, interoperability and portability with strong commitment from standards groups and international partnerships.

Open, interactive discussions between the public sector, experts and user communities is central to the event with the sharing of practical experiences and best practices.