Technology Council: IRC meetings

If you are familiar with IRC:

The Technology Council uses the Freenode IRC service: webchat DOT freenode DOT net.\ Note that you'll need to register your nickname and password with NickServ:\ /nickserv register chooseYourPassword yourEmailAddress

The IRC channel: #ow2-tc (channel password/key: jetstream)\ To join the channel, use: /join #ow2-tc jetstream

For those who are not familiar with IRC:

You can either use an IRC client, or, in particular if you have problems with firewalls, use the web access:

  1. go to
  2. enter your nickname (no need to enter a channel at this stage)
  3. enter in the command line: /nickserv register chooseYourPassword yourEmailAddress\
  4. enter in the command line: /join #ow2-tc jetstream