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The OW2 Mailing lists are powered by Sympa. You can access them through the WWSympa Web Interface which provides a unique interface for authentication, subscription, unsubscription, archives and administration operations. Note you can browse the ObjectWeb public mailing lists archives at:

Mailing list administration pages are at:

Also useful, the Jabber page at:

Each OW2 project and working group has in general a list such as:

  • (project) for both developers and users
  • (working_group) for people involved in the working group

Some projects also have lists such as:

  • (project_team) for the main developpers
  • ( for automatic notifications of all changes to the CVS tree.

In addition a number of other lists are available to those who participate in the consortium's activities. Most significant are:

  • technology-council AT
  • ecosystems-council AT
  • operations-council AT
  • china-local-chapter AT

How to Subscribe

  • You can use the Sympa Web interface or directly send a mail to:
  • For the newsletter, community and architecture mailing lists, registered members can modify their subscription by editing their profile

As an anti-spam measure, all email addresses are

hidden in the mail archive pages and are written in the OW2 site using

the "AT" notation instead of the @ sign.

Former ObjectWeb Forums

Here is a list of available forums, hosted by Phorum, which were open on the old ObjectWeb site.

This link points to the old ObjectWeb site.

Please note that some forums are not active any longer and are mentioned here for reference and archive only.