Program Overview

• Tuesday 11 October: OW2 Open Source Corporate Networking Meeting, an open source business executive event. It provides networking opportunities within the international open source community. A full-day business event dedicated to high-level executive discussions and networking on open source as a business driver. Sessions will cover: Open source for a business purpose case studies; SQuAT: Quality and Trustworthiness in open source; Open Source Cloudware Initiative workshop.

• Thursday and Friday 13-14 October: Open Source Scientific Computing OSSC conference covering industrial and educational purposes and award conference of the Scilab/OW2 Programming Contest.

• Saturday 15 October: Open Source Communities events with Eclipse, Apache, OpenOffice, etc.

• Monday 17 October: International Open Source Workshop in Nanjing: A open source workshop focusing on the open source enterprises and organizations located in Yangtze River Delta economic region.