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26 26 Go to the [[Open Source Cloudware initiative>>Cloud.WebHome]] landing page.
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28 28 == Big Data Initiative ==
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30 30 The OW2 Big Data initiative aims at attracting a vibrant eco system around open source Big Data and Business Intelligence technologies, also focusing on Open Data as a primary source of information. The initiative opens new challenges and opportunities to companies, organizations, technology stakeholders, consultants and end-users to obtain competitive advantage, exploiting opportunities provided by an open approach, including the adoption of OW2 open source code base.
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34 34 **Initiative Working Group:** Engineering Group, Italy (Initiative Lead); Altic, France; Artemis Information Management, Luxembourg; Linagora, France; Talend, France; DISI-University of Trento, Italy.
35 35 **Contact:** Grazia Cazzin (grazia.cazzin AT, Engineering Group.
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38 38 Go to the [[Big Data Initiative>>Big_Data.WebHome]] landing page.
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40 40 == Future Internet Initiative ==
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42 42 The Future Internet Software and Services initiative (FISSi) is a joint effort by OW2 and non-OW2 members promote technologies for the development and run-time of ultra-large scale service-oriented solutions for the Future Internet. FISSi publishes open source code freely available from the OW2 code base. FISSi leverages the technology developed by CHOReOS, a three years EU-funded R&D project that provides the technical platform to build next-generation context-aware, ultra-scalable applications for the Future Internet. FISSi will comply with key standards implemented by the CHOReOS platform such as OMG/BPMN 2.0 and OMG/SoaML.