OW2 Board meeting ? 14 September 2007, Neuchatel - Summary Minutes



September 14, 2007

Neuchatel, Switzerland, JBOSS - Red Hat Offices



1. Chairman?s Welcome Remarks 2. Quorum


Board Members attending in person: BULL (Jean-Pierre Laisné), Charles University (Petr Tuma), EBM Websourcing (Bertrand Escudie), Experlog (PY Gibello) , Obeo (Stéphane Drapeau) , OW2 CEO (Cédric Thomas), Red Hat (Sacha Labourey), Individual Members Representative (François Letellier),

Board Members attending by telephone: BUAA (Prof. Jinpeng HUAI), CVIC SE (Pres. Xinhai JING), Eteration (Naci Dai), France Telecom (Valère Robin), European Dynamics (Takis Rentzepopoulos), ISCAS (Prof. Tao HUANG), NUDT (Prof. Huaimin WANG).

Proxies representing Board Members: DOCSC (Changtao YI), Engineering (Gabriele Ruffati), Exo Platform (Jeremi Joslin), INRIA (Roland Pesty), PKU (Dr. Minghui ZHOU), THALES (Laurent Laudinet).

In attendance at the invitation of the Board were: CVIC SE (Cherry BIAN, Jiangning LIU, Emma SHU), Chunming HU ( BUAA ), Changguo GUO ( NUDT ), Jun WEI ( ISCAS ) as well as Management Office members: Jacques Cayuela (OW2 CTO), Julie Marguerite (OW2 Activities Coordinator), Cherry Bian (OW2 China Coordinator)

Members of the Board in default of membership fee payment: Eteration, Exo Platform, Engineering, France Telecom

Signed contract still not received: Engineering

All Board Members agree to accept representatives of not fully registered Members at this Board meeting.

Chinese Board Members for BUAA, NUDT, ISCAS, PKU and CVIC were in same meeting room in Beijing connected by both telephone and instant messaging.

- Eteration (Naci Dai) joined at 3pm.

- FT left at noon and gave its vote to Bull.

- EBM Websourcing left at noon and gave its vote to INRIA.

- Charles University left at 3:45pm and gave its vote to Julie.

- Experlog left at 4pm and gave its vote to eXo.

- François Letellier left at 4pm and gave its vote to Red Hat.

- Engineering left at 4:15pm.

Quorum being achieved, the meeting commenced.

  3. Agenda review 4. Approval of Agenda 5. Introduction of new Directors 6. Minutes of the previous meeting 7. Business arising from the minutes

These agenda items were covered without discussion

  8. CEO Report and Board Discussion

(Cedric Thomas provided a presentation on the situation of the consortium asking for some Board decisions on certain issues)

Management Office






Membership Development




  • Solution Linux 08 (France)

  • JavaPolis (Belgium)

  • JavaOne (US)

  • 1 in China

  • 1 in Brazil

  1. Board agrees with EC criteria for event selection.

  2. Board asks MO to provide a communication plan and to define the message to promote.



  1. Board recommendation to CEO is to concentrate the bulk of expenses until December on SysAdmin and Marketing.

Community Development


  1. Board agrees that MO should find ways to improve Individual Members participation.

  2. Board agrees that Quarterly Meeting should as far as possible be co-located with an industry event

  3. Agrees with recommandation with EC on international development.

  9. OW2 Participation in NESSI and FP7 Projects
NESSI and FP7 Projects


  1. Board agrees with Red Hat proposal to discuss this on the mailing list and asks THALES to start the discussion on the Board mailing list in order to achieve a clear position before next NESSI Board meeting.

  10. China LC Budget Discussion

(discussion postponed ? see decision n° 13)

  11. Chairman?s Concluding Comments
  12. Other Business
Next Board Meetings

- Next Board co-located with Javapolis in Brussels (December 10-14 2007).

- Following Board in China co-located with the annual conference in may 2008.

- Following Board in September 13-14 2008 in Europe.

  13. Adjournment

(The meeting is adjourned at 5pm)