The OW2 Community Showcases Open Source Cloud Computing  at Cloud Expo Europe 2011


Sep 14 2011

The OW2 Community at Cloud Expo Europe 2011

The OW2 Community Showcases Open Source Cloud Computing at Cloud Expo Europe 2011. Key Members of the OW2 Community will be on site to show CompatibleOne and the Open Source Cloudware initiative, of open source cloud computing
*London, February 3, 2011* – The OW2 Community will be proudly showing a selection of world-class open source projects for cloud computing, all of which benefit from professional support provided by independent companies.

On the OW2 booth, visitors will be able to discover the CompatibleOne project and the pen Source Cloudware initiative:
? CompatibleOne: Carried out by a consortium of 15 partners, CompatibleOne addresses the 3 layers of Cloud Computing with a global and unified solution. It provides an open cloudware for the creation, deployment and management of private, public and hybrid cloud platforms.
? Open Source Cloudware initiative (OSCi): OSCi is a unique collective effort to build a common vision of what should be an open cloud based on open source and open standards. It also aims at developing key software technologies according to an R&D agenda collaboratively defined.
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