Sep 14 2011

The OW2 Consortium has joined the FOSS-Bridge EU-Vietnam project as a networking partner on January 30, 2008. The main funders of the FOSS-Bridge are the European Commission with its Asia Invest program and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). The principal goal of FOSS-Bridge is to stengthen Southeast Asian Software industries and to boost cooperation with Europe through innovative collaboration on FOSS and business development. FOSS-Bridge seeks to achieve the following:

  • encourage and help Vietnamese companies to enlarge their use of FOSS products;
  • adapt free software to local needs;
  • expand the community, encourage companies to contribute to the development of international Free and Open Source Software;
  • European companies become trainers for Vietnamese counterparts;
  • European and Vietnamese partners develop joint business.

The implementing partners are InWEnt (Germany), INRIA (France) and IOIT (Vietnam).

As a result of the FOSS-Bridge relationships, OW2 has already received two new membership applications from CUSC and HISP Viet Nam.

A first face to face meeting has been organized in Hanoi in Nomember 2007, where 16 european companies have met and discussed collaboration plans with 22 vietnamese partners.

Next steps of the project :

  • April, June and October 2008 : OW2 members and former ObjectWeb officers Francois Letellier and Christophe Ney will deliver training sessions on open-source regulations, business models, development and best practices. Several lab activities and case studies will be based on OW2 projects.
  • July 2008: A second face to face meeting with a Training workshop on ope source technologies will take place.
More at http://www.foss-bridge.org.