Sep 14 2011

Dear Community,

The milestone 2 (1.0.0 M2) of the JASMINe project has been released.


You can download it here: http://wiki.jasmine.objectweb.org/xwiki/bin/view/Main/Downloads

Notes and Noteworthy

JASMINe Design

  • The JASMINe Design module has been improved by using the Eclipse GMF (graphical modeling framework) project associated with the Eclipse EMF (eclipse modeling framework) project. So that, the editor is no more a tree-based editor but a diagram editor (screenshots are available here)

  • Automatic discovery of an existing deployment : A new feature in JASMINe design permits to build a graphical representation of a JOnAS cluster from an XML description (domain.xml).

JASMINe Deploy

  • The deployment features of JASMINe are now based on Jade v2.0 which migrated from the Oscar project (OSGi r3) to the Apache Felix project (OSGi r4).

  • Support of the JOnAS clustering design, configuration and deployment.

  • Add support for the JBoss application server deployment (prototype).

JASMINe Monitoring

  • Add interfaces to export JASMINe alarms as SNMP traps (prototype).

  • Add interfaces to export JASMINe alarms as JMX notifications (prototype).


The documentation is available in the JASMINe documentation section.

Release Notes


  • JASMINE-13 - Add interoperability with legacy administration system (cf sub-tasks 14 & 15).

  • JASMINE-49 - Provide a JBoss bundle for JADE deployment.

  • JASMINE-51 - Extract installation process from current JBoss bundle.

  • JASMINE-50 - Add GUI support for JBoss deployment.

  • JASMINE-59 - GMF/EMF model ; enhancement for JBoss support.

  • JASMINE-67 - Automatic discovery of an existing middleware deployment.

  • JASMINE-68 - JASMINe design : add the capability to set the jgroups's TCP stack parameters.

  • JASMINE-85 - Change the management of diagram link.


  • JASMINE-24 - JASMINe GUI for Cluster design : usage of GMF in place of EMF.


  • JASMINE-46 - Connect the RCP to the Alarm Notification JMS Destination.

  • JASMINE-55 - Support multiple SNMP trap destinations.

  • JASMINE-77 - Migrate from Oscar (OSGi r3) to Felix (OSGi r4).


  • JASMINE-92 - JASMINe-probe project doesn't compile.

  • JASMINE-93 - JasmineRules project doesn't compile.

Best regards.

The JASMINe team.