Dragon First Public Release

Sep 14 2011

eBM WebSourcing is pleased to announce the availability of the first public release of Dragon, the Open Source SOA Governance Platform (http://dragon.ow2.org).

Dragon provides the ability to organize, enforce and reconfigure your SOA infrastructure.

Dragon main features are :

  • Registry/Repository for service publishing/discovery,
  • Organization management to discribe enterprises, employees and jobs, and to link them to services
  • SLA management to create agreements between consumers and providers of services
  • Service Runtime Environment integration to synchronize Dragon with service infrastructure like PEtALS ESB.

Dragon supports Web Services standards like WSDL 1.1 and 2.0 (thanks to EasyWSDL toolbox http://forge.objectweb.org/projects/easywsdl/), WS-Adressing and WS-Agreement.

Dragon is hosted by the OW2 consortium (http://www.ow2.org) and supported by eBM WebSourcing (http://www.ebmwebsourcing.com).

You can download the Dragon web application from the Dragon download page (http://dragon.ow2.org/download.html).

The Dragon Team