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Solutions Linux 2012\ CNIT Paris La Defense\ June 19-21, 2012\

OW2 will be actively present this year again at solutions Linux, both in the conferences and in the exhibition with the OW2 Village. The OW2 track session will take place on Wednesday June 20 afternoon.

OW2 VILLAGE - Booth D25\ OW2 and its members will be visible in the exhibition through the OW2 village. The booth is conveniently located at the entrance of the exhibition, ensuring high visibility level. The projects demonstrated on the booth are: SpagoBI, ProActive, Contrail, Entropy, CompatibleOne and OpenCloudware.

Visit us on booth D25 and do not miss our Wine & Cheese party on Wednesday 20 at 5:30pm on OW2 booth!
See the video
AGENDA OF THE OW2 SESSION, JUNE 20 (01:30 - 05:30pm, Room Picasso)\

(Download the Detailed agenda including abstract of the presentations).

OW2 Introduction, Cédric Thomas, OW2. \

OW2 Project Presentations
  • Creating collaborative web applications within minutes, Ludovic Dubost, Xwiki
  • Private Cloud and Application Orchestration with OW2 ProActive Parallel Suite, Denis Caromel, ProActive.
  • Combining BPM with Data Integration and ESB : Open Source best of breed with BonitaSoft and Talend, Rodrigue Le Gall, BonitaSoft and Cedric Carbone, Talend
  • CompatibleOne, the Open Source Cloud Broker, Jean-Pierre Laisne, Bull.(pdf)
  • Comment générer une application web en quelques minutes avec Telosys ?, Laurent Guerin, Sogeti.(pdf)
  • Business Activity Monitoring with SpagoBI at Enel, Italy's largest power company, Alessandra Toninelli, Engineering. (pdf)

    Other OW2 Collaborative Projects and Member Presentations
  • MQPerf – un outil de diagnostic en mode SaaS pour évaluer le middleware JORAM, Serge Lacourte, ScalAgent.(pdf)
  • Building a Dynamic Enterprise App Store in the Cloud, Thomas Debru, UShareSoft. (pdf)
  • Building an application on the SugarCRM platform, John Mertic, SugarCRM. (pdf)
  • Service integration goes social, Marc Dutoo, OpenWide.(pdf)
  • S'attaquer au Big Data avec Hadoop et l’intégration Open Source, Cédric Carbone, Talend\