Session Quality in Open Source

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Development 2.0 @ OW2

Speakers:Dr. Clément Escoffier, Arrow-Group ; Guillaume Sauthier, PeerGreen ; Christophe Hamerling, Linagora
Schedule: Thursday Nov 29, 02:00 - 02:15pm
Abstract: OW2 has traditionally provided an infrastructure based on Subversion and GForge. However, software development is evolving toward a more distributed, social, flexible, and lean process. This talk presents how OW2 is embracing this new trend and the new tools and possibilities offered for your OW2 project. From the source code repository (Svn, Git@OW2, GitHub…) and bug trackers, to continuous integration and documentation, OW2 lets you develop your project using your own process and tools. Thanks to the quality tools promoted by OW2, your project benefits from quality tracking and labeling. Be more reactive, improve your efficiency, and increase your quality with OW2.

OW2 Utilities, The Swiss Army Knife of OW2 Projects

Speaker: Guillaume Sauthier (Peergreen)
Schedule: Wednesday Nov 28, 02:15  - 02:30pm
Abstract: OW2 Utilities is a newly accepted project in the consortium. It aims to be the OW2 toolkit catalog for common pieces of code that everybody rewrite for each new project. This presentation will start with a description of the goals of that project, a little bit of history, then we will explain why it's important to maximize re-use within the consortium (reliability, ...). In a second part we will focus to the most useful and/or interesting modules provided by this project. This session will be developer-oriented, with code samples and effective use cases.

Open Source Gouvernance in SQUAT program, using Fossology and Antepedia Reporter

Speaker: Guillaume Rousseau, Antepedia
Schedule: Thursday Nov 29, 02:30 - 02:45pm
Abstract:During this talk we will describe how tools dedicated to open source components and source code scanning like Fossology or Antepedia Reporter help development tools to enforce open source licensing policies.

Tracking code evolution for open source universe

Speaker: Minghui Zhou, Peking University
Schedule: Thursday Nov 29, 02:45 - 03:00pm

ETICS: quality certification of open source cloud software

Speaker: Gabriele Giammatteo, Engineering Group
Schedule: Thursday Nov 29, 03:00 - 03:15pm

An open source infrastructure supporting the development and quality assessment of software products and projects at Engineering Group

Speaker: Daniele Gagliardi, Spago4Q - Engineering Group
Schedule: Thursday Nov 29, 03:15 - 03:30pm
Abstract: Engineering Group's Quality Assurance department has developed an infrastructure allowing to monitor the quality of the development processes of software projects and products, which was also needed to achieve the CMMi-DEV lev.3 certification compliance. The infrastructure allows the logical and technical integration of different tools supporting the development and management of software projects, in compliance with the corporate organizational rules, thus granting a high level of flexibility to users, who can choose between open source tools and, if requested, proprietary ones. The cornerstone of this process is Spago4Q, which provides the working groups with the necessary information to trace and develop end-users' requirements, to manage tests and project information, including risks, opportunities, metrics and documents. Moreover, it allows the Quality Assurance department to make its own audits on projects and related management processes. Spago4Q extracts the needed information from the different data sources, integrating them into a consistent meta-model. The speech describes the results obtained through the development of original solutions and the integration of both open source and proprietary products, such as TestLink, Jira, Liferay and Alfresco. The speech will include an overview on the possible improvements in terms of project quality and corporate processes.

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