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Members Events

Members Events

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Members Events

2013/03/12: OpenNebula & Kanopya Cloud Automation

2013/02/19: Créez des applications en adéquation avec vos besoins métier avec XWiki

2012/11/07: SpagoBI Open Day 2012 in New York

2012/07/17: ScalAgent DT launches MQPerf, a new self-diagnosis service for JORAM

2012/07/16: eXo Training World Tour

2012/06/19: ProActive Parallel Suite® active la productivité dans la Plateforme MetaQuant de Metagénomique Quantitative du centre INRA de Jouy en Josas

2012/06/11: UShareSoft at Cloud Expo New York 2012

2012/05/30: Cloud and HPC two days training in Paris, May 30th & 31st 2012

2012/05/12: Webinar UShareSoft & Nimbula

2012/05/11: SpagoBI Open Day in Sao Paulo

2012/04/23: SugarCon 2012

2012/03/22: eXo au Salon Documation au CNIT de Paris

2012/03/13: eXo au Salons Intranets et Collaboratifs à Paris

2012/03/08: UShareSoft webinar with Abiquo

2012/03/02: Talend named as ETL leader by Forrester

2012/02/29: Talend Open Studio for Big Data

2012/02/22: Nouvelle annee exceptionnelle pour SugarCRM

2012/02/14: Encontro de Tecnologias Abertas 2012

2012/02/09: Joint Eucalyptus UShareSoft webinar

2012/01/27: Seminare Web: L’intuition ultime avec le décisionnel de bout en bout

2012/01/26: Petit dejeuner eXo avec Cap Gemini

2011/12/30: Prochain séminaire Web : Suite décisionnelle Jaspersoft

2011/12/12: ASM/IFIP/USENIX Conference Lisbon

2011/11/07: SpagoBI tour in the U.S.A.

2011/11/07: UShareSoft at Cloud Expo Santa Clara

2011/10/26: fOSSa 2011

2011/10/22: SpagoBI at the Linux Day 2011 in Milan (Italy)

2011/10/20: Nuxeo World 2011

2011/10/05: Webinar Jaspersoft 4.2.:Mobile BI

2011/09/28: Cloud and HPC Training, Sept. 2011

2011/07/07: Cloud Computing conference, Gardanne, France

2011/06/21: First international presentation SpagoBI 3.0 in Paris

2011/06/21: OpenStack/UShareSoft Webinar

2011/06/20: ActiveEon at Paris Air Show Le Bourget

2011/06/15: CoterClub Congress

2011/06/09: Spago4Q at ICSOB 2011

2011/06/06: UShareSoft at CloudExpo New-York

2011/05/25: SpagoBI Quick Start training course in Paris

2011/05/10: eNovance at Solutions Linux

2011/05/05: OpenDay: Jaspersoft 4.0

2011/04/30: SpagoBI at the Italian Ubuntu Party

2011/04/29: Cloud and HPC Training

2011/04/15: SpagoWorld at SIMPDA 2011

2011/04/07: Open Source for Public Administration, Belgium

2011/04/05: 2011/04/05: Salome TMF at the French Software Testing Day

2011/03/14: Jaspersoft Business Intelligence Seminar

2011/03/08: Jaspersoft Business Intelligence Seminar

2011/03/08: UShareSoft at In The Cloud

2011/02/14: Mobile World Congress 2011

2011/02/10: European ISV Convention 2011

2011/02/07: JasperWorld 2011

2011/01/27: UK Talend Partner Summit

2011/01/25: Business Intelligence 2011

2011/01/19: 2011/01/19: Jaspersoft 4 : soyez le premier à le découvrir!

2011/01/06: 2011 International CES

2010/12/13: Eclipse Summit Europe

2010/10/18: Expo Universelle Shangai

2010/09/10: JUG Summer

2010/07/20: Talend webinar : The MDM Business Case, Opportunities and Pitfalls

2010/07/08: ProActive training on Cloud Computing

2010/07/06: Talend happy hours featuring Data Quality

2010/06/24: Talend webinar : Talend Open Profiler For Dumbies

2010/06/17: Register for Talend's new webinar with Allianz

2010/06/10: BonitaDay Webcast

2010/06/08: Talend UK Roadshow

2010/06/08: Bonitasoft/Ancud Workshop

2010/06/08: Petalslink at the CoterClub Congress

2010/06/07: Bonitasoft workshop

2010/06/07: Bonitasoft Workshop

2010/06/01: eXo at Lorraine JUG

2010/06/01: Bonitasoft Workshop in Spain

2010/05/26: Funambol at Open Mobile Summit

2010/05/26: Discover Bonita open source solution

2010/05/20: XWiki show

2010/05/19: eXo Gateln Portal presented in Tunisia

2010/05/18: PetalsLink at OSSIF in Toulouse

2010/05/18: Jaspersoft Roadshow

2010/05/18: Ancund, Talend & Jaspersoft business lunch

2010/05/12: Sign up for Talend and DK Innovation's new webinar

2010/05/05: eXo at Solutions Intranet

2010/04/29: Sign up for Talend's new webinar

2010/04/27: Talend Happy hours

2010/04/15: Keep your data in mint condition with Postcode Anywhere and Talend

2010/04/08: Webinar: Jaspersoft et Infobright

2010/03/24: Talend invites you to register for a Data Governance webinar

2010/03/16: JasperDirections Paris

2010/03/09: Free technical worshop in London

2010/03/04: Sign up now for the new Talend and Palo webinar on March 4th

2010/02/18: Sign up for Talend and JasperSoft's new webinar!

2010/01/27: Sign up for our new webinar: Master Data Management

2010/01/06: Wiki Wednesday

2010/01/01: montest2

2009/12/16: Sign up for our new webinar: Leverage Open Source ETL for your BI Project

2009/12/03: Talend et Experian QAS vous proposent un petit déjeuner sur la qualité de données à Paris le 3 décembre

2009/12/03: Talend and Cimbax present their new webinar: Get the most of your Microsoft Dynamics AX and CRM!

2009/11/26: Venez assister au nouveau webinar Talend sur le temps réel dans l'intégration de données

2009/11/18: Talend invites you to the Data Warehouse open source revolution in Milan

2009/11/10: Sign up for our new webinar: A customer's testimonial about Talend!

2009/11/10: Talend RoadShow comes back for Christmas!

2009/11/05: SpagoBI at CLLAP, Canada

2009/10/28: XWiki School: first session!

2009/10/27: eXo Platform Free Customer Conference in Paris

2009/10/26: eXo Platform Public Training on eXo Portal and the ECM Suite.

2009/10/14: SCA Training

2009/10/12: Attend Talend's new webinar: Open Source Data Analysis with Talend & Palo

2009/07/03: XWiki at CO-LAB, Paris

2009/06/21: Adempiere Conference

2009/06/11: Conference on Open Source, Paris

2009/05/26: OSSIF, Toulouse

2008/11/12: This is a test event

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