Solutions Solutions Linux 2012 - CNIT Paris La Defense - June 19,20 & 21, 2012
OW2 will be actively present this year again at solutions Linux, both in the conferences and in the exhibition with the OW2 Village. The OW2 track session will take place on Wednesday June 20 afternoon. See more..
OW2 Open Source Solutions Brazil Roadshow, May 8 - 10, 2012. A unique opportunity to develop market outreach for OW2 solutions in Brazil. See more.
Registration is open for the 2012 OW2 Programming Contest! To find out more about the topics proposed to contestants, go here. Once you have selected a topic, you can register for participating in the contest here.
CompatibleOne Open Source Cloud Broker White-Paper - Discover the architecture and core concepts of The Open Source Cloud Broker. Download the pdf

What is OW2

OW2 is an independent open source community committed to making available to everyone the best and most reliable enterprise computing infrastructure software, including middleware, application platforms and cloud computing technologies. The mission of the OW2 Consortium is to develop a code base of open source software and to foster a vibrant community and business ecosystem.OW2 was initiated on January 1, 2007 through the merger of ObjectWeb and Orientware, two leading open source middleware communities consisting of renowned industry IT corporations, innovative start-ups, prominent academic organizations and individuals from across the world.

OW2 Projects

The community's activities for software development are organized into Projects. A Project regroups development actions corresponding to one or more technical software components, or the integration of different technical components in order to build a platform. Projects are our raison d'ĂȘtre, at OW2 everything starts with a Project.

Projects by Function

Application Platforms Persistency / Database Business Intelligence IDE plug-ins Middleware framework / Component / Tool Software Engineering Presentation Benchmarking Security Mobility

Mature Projects

Acceleo ASM Bonita CARDAMOM CAROL Chameleon CLIF EasyBeans eXo Platform Fractal GASP JavaService JOnAS JOPE JORAM JOTM LemonLDAP::NG NovaForge Open Mobile IS Orbeon Orchestra Petals ESB ProActive RmiJdbc RUBiS Salome-TMF Sat4J SOFA Spagic Spago Spago4Q SpagoBI Telosys WebLab XWiki

Projects in Incubation

Accord ActiveXML Alitheia Core AspireRFID AuthzForce Azuki Framework BEEN Bench4Q CMI CloudSNAP CONTRAIL Demoiselle DocDoku Dream Dysoweb ENuSMV EPAF EasyWSDL ElasticGrid Entropy FraSCAti J2WS JASMINe JWTGen JiBX 2 Kalimucho Kerneos LeWYS MIND ODIS Nuxeo OSA CCV OSCL v3 Ocelot OncePI OnceSS Open SUIT PanGu Perseus Petals Master Q-Impress Scarbo Shelbie Silverpeas Sirocco SlapOS snmp4cloud SugarCRM TESS Trustie Software Resource Repository Talend Open Studio Think Ubistar OW2 Utility WinQEMU XMLC
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