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OW2 Open Source Cloudware initiative Workshop, Beijing, China

<p><strong>Location: Peking University, Science Building 1, Room 1801, Beijing</strong></p><span><h2>Draft program of OSCi Workshop (1 day)</span></h2><p>Topics addressed by each partner to be confirmed, updated by partners</p><h3 id="Hi29PartnersCloudrelatedworkpresentation"><span>i) Partners Cloud related work presentation</span></h3><p>Bull (Benoît Pelletier, François Exertier)</p><ul><li>results about the Self-XL project (self-scaling)&nbsp;</li><li>work to be conducted in new collaborative funded projects about cloud&nbsp;</li></ul><p>PKU (Minghui Zhou, Ziyou Wang, Yan Li, Chao You...)</p><ul><li>Shared Cluster and Resource Allocation : presentation and discussion</li></ul><p>ISCAS (Wu Heng, Chen Wei, Jun Wei...)</p><ul><li>Once Access Controller and Once Deployer: presentation and discussion</li></ul><p>BUAA (Hailong Sun)</p><ul><li>cloud platform for service oriented software development: presentation and discussion</li></ul><p>INRIA/ActiveEON (Denis Caromel...)</p><ul><li>ProActive: presentation and discussion</li></ul><p>Engineering (Andrea Manieri...)</p><ul><li>federated authentication, authorisation and accounting;&nbsp;</li><li>security certification and compliance;</li><li>energy savings and business tools to operate cloud platforms.</li></ul><h3 id="Hii29Identifiedcollaborationtopics"><span>ii) Identified collaboration topics</span></h3><p>General session identifying and listing expected collaboration work</p><ul><li>P2P parallels meeting between partners&nbsp;</li><li>refinement of collaboration topics</li><li>technical discussion</li><li>collaboration process <br> &nbsp;<br>First identified sessions&nbsp;</li><li>Bull/ISCAS/… : Once Access Controller / JOnAS synergies; Once Deployer / JASMINe synergies&nbsp;</li><li>Bull/BUAA/ActiveEON/… : &nbsp;BUAA Cloud Platform / JOnAS / ProActive / JASMINe synergies&nbsp;</li><li>Bull/PKU/...: Shared Cluster / JASMINe /JOnAS synergies</li>

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