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COSW - Open Source Communities Day

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Date: Saturday 15 October 2011
Venue: Beihang University, Beijing
09:00-10:00 Registration Opening
10:00-10:10 Opening Address by Organizers and Welcome Session
10:10-10:30 OW2: Cedric Thomas (CEO
10:30-10:50 Canonical: Richard Yu
10:50-11:10 IBM: Integrating Open Source into Your Business - Jin Chun xia
11:10-11:30 Forever OSS: Gong Wen Xue
11:30-11:50 CoSoft: Open Source Way in China - Steve Cheng
11:50-12:10 创客空间: Open Source Hardware and Hackerspaces - David Li
12:10-12:30 Redhat: The State of the Community - Harish Pillay
Lunch @ Big Pizza
Host byPeter ChengGong Wen XueTommy HeXiao Wen Peng
 Open Source DevelopersOpen Source EnterpriseOpen Source LinuxOpen Source Hardware
14:00-14:40Tao of Apache
William Jiang - Apache
Gong Wen Xue
Translation using Transifex
Tommy He with Tiansworld
1.开源和山寨: 新一代开放创新方式 李大维 (15 Mins)
2, 那些开源硬件引发的创新 Eric Pan – Seeedstudio (25 Mins)
14:40-15:20OW2: TBDFrance Telecom: Alex (alexandre.lefebvre@ Plasma Widget Explore -- CSSlayer1. 开源式合作与社会化创新 高磊 (10 Mins)
2. 创客空间与开源硬件 王盛林 (15 Mins)
3. 大学校园里的创客空间 Star Simpson (15 Mins)
Tea Break   
15:40-16:20Makesence: Larry Chiou larry.tchiou@ gmail.comFossology: Analyze performance with open source benchmarks - Quan WenSynfig Studio Intro and Demo – jcome Fedora and TeX Live: alick1. 开源硬件简史 赵峰(25 Mins)
2. 开源硬件社区姜太文(15Mins)

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