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China Cloud Computing Conference

Date: June 5-7, 2013
Venue: Beijing, China

OW2 CEO CĂ©dric Thomas gave a presentation at China Cloud Computing Conference (Click on the left image to display the presentation on slideshare). This was an opportunity to present OW2 to the Chinese cloud and open source ecosystems and to liaise with the OW2 China Local Chapter.

OW2 and the open cloud industry ecosystem


In this talk we explain how the open cloud computing industry ecosystem is evolving. This is not a talk about technology but about the forces that shape the cloud computing industry. We show how after becoming a rival to proprietary software in all segment of enterprise computing, open source software in now driving innovation in cloud computing. We analyze the mechanisms behind the growth of open source software, we show how open source is evolving, we explain the specific nature of open source in cloud computing and we evaluate its strengths and limitations.

In this context, we position and analyze the strategies and probable evolutions of the main open source communities that constitute the open cloud ecosystem. While new technologies are quickly becoming mature on the cloud execution layer (or IaaS) front thanks to communities such as OpenStack and Apache, everything remains to be done on the upper layers (or PaaS) of the cloud-oriented information system and this is where OW2 is positioned. We present OW2 and its strategy, and collaborative projects such as OpenCloudware, XLcloud, OCEAN, CompatibleOne in which the community is engaged. We explain how, by focusing on complementarities rather than rivalries, open source communities are building the open cloud ecosystem. The talk concludes with decision making guidance for industry practioners.

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