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CARDAMOM is a middleware framework that provides features to configure, deploy and execute near real-time, distributed and fault-tolerant applications. CARDAMOM is multi-domain, as it is intended to be used by different Industrial Domains for Command and Control Systems such as civil Air Traffic Control Systems, or Defence Command and Control Systems. CARDAMOM is CORBA-based. CORBA enables interoperability across hardware platforms and programming languages and thus is suitable to integrate smoothly legacy systems. CARDAMOM favours the integration of CORBA services and functionality implementations that are available on the market (COTS and Open Source Software). Nevertheless, OMG specifications cover several users needs but not all of them. In addition, available implementations of some CORBA services do not provide the required Quality of Service (QoS). The purpose of CARDAMOM is to provide an added-value execution platform including services whose functionality and implementation fit with users requirements in the mission and safety critical area.

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SQuAT: Software Quality Assurance and Trustworthiness

See here for a description of OW2 SQuAT programme.

FOSSology analysis Antepedia report Sonar OMM report (Open Maturity Model)
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