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Telosys 0.9.9 available

What?s new in Telosys 0.9.9 ?

. Pluggable external logger to redirect Telosys logs to an application logger (e.g.: log4j )

. Symbolic variables improvement ( @{var, default, format}, new predefined variables )

. New tags in the taglib

. Authentication improvement

. Screen context sharing

. Screen context life cycle management ( onCreate, onReuse )

. Navigation management in AJAX actions

. ScreenSession, VOList, DataSet, ? are now serializable

. Absolute positioning with automatic incrementation (e.g. : y=?y++?, y=?++y? )

. Extendable ServiceServlet and ScreenMapServlet for navigation history management

. CLOB and BLOB support in the DAO

. Many other small evolutions

Created by olivier lizounat on 2011/09/14 18:58

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