EasyWSDL 2.1 release

EasyWSDL 2.1 release

The EasyWSDL team is pleased to announce the release of EasyWSDL 2.1

You can download it from: http://forge.ow2.org/project/download.php?group_id=334&file_id=14420

This new version is based on JDK 1.6 and brings:

  • Management of Restrictions/Enumerations
  • Comparison between any WSDL elements: add equals methods in all objects
  • New features for tools
  • Code quality improvement (thanks to Sonar: PMD + FindBugs + Checkstyle)
  • Dependencies cleanup
  • Fusion of JAXB Contexts
More information is available on EasyWSDL website: http://easywsdl.ow2.org/
Created by olivier lizounat on 2011/09/14 18:58

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